When to know a relationship is over? Most of the romantic relationships go through a phase called “It’s Complicated.” And because of such complications and emotional imbalances noticed in the youth, even Facebook introduced the same “Relationship Status” in a person’s profile. Inside our head, we all know that when any complications arise, it’s almost sure that a relationship is over. And that means you need to look for the signs a relationship is over.


Our mind and heart struggle to win the battle of accepting the reality. Perhaps, we already have an intuition that it’s not going to work anymore. But what makes us still stick to the person is the hope that things might change one day.


We need to look out for the signs the relationship is over and how to know your relationship is over.



Here are the ten sure signs your relationship is over.


1 – Communication Gets Less

The first and most assured thing about knowing when a relationship is over is to realize that you two do NOT communicate the way you used to do. Better communication is the critical element of any healthy relationship.


You both start hiding things from each other, or only one of you is doing that. Relationships are always supposed to be two-way. One partner talks it all, and the other one doesn’t utter a word then it’s a significant warning sign relationship is ending.


2 – Any Small Thing Triggers A Fight

Initially, you two were very adjustment oriented and neglected small things like there was nothing. But now you can’t stand even small mistake of your partner. And in no time two of you can create a mountain of a mole.


At one point in time, you would have ignored his way of keeping the coffee mug unwashed, but today you are so furious over the same thing. You don’t waste a single moment to the point that out, and the other moment the house witnesses your screams.


3 – Taking Decisions Alone Feels Better Idea

If you’re in a relationship, then you prioritize your partner’s choices. It means you include them in taking your significant decisions but not anymore. You deliberately start making your own decisions without involving or informing them.


Their opinions and views no more matter to you. You avoid telling them about how you want to spend your next vacation or where you are planning your weekend. And this doesn’t limit to one or two times, but it becomes a habit and part of your daily life.


4 – It’s Boring

Spending time together bores you like anything. When you two are together, it seems an endless time, certainly not in a right way. The talks have nothing in common, and nothing is exciting.


The charm and spark of your relationship have become once upon a time. It seems like you’re talking same old talks and nothing new, which is way too dull. Most of your time goes in silence and avoiding eye contact.


5 – Other People Seems Attractive

Remember, when you were new to each other and couldn’t take your eyes off each other? That time has long gone. Your eyes are wandering and even trying to attract other people around you except your partner.


You feel like your partner is no more attractive to you. Some so many other people are way too beautiful and charming than your partner. That messy hair and no makeup face seems dull and boring.



6 – Future Together Is No More

Certainly, you don’t see any hope of spending your future with your partner. You start feeling that your future will be better without your partner. There are no plans that involve your partner.


You don’t make any commitment with your partner that might affect your future. It is quite obvious to understand the sign that you think your relationship with them has no future.


7 – No Sex At All

Sex is one of the most crucial factors of any relationship. If the thought of having sex with your partner doesn’t excite you anymore, then it’s a huge red flag. Sex is something you should be waiting for and longing for, but when you think it’s just a routine and monotonous then you’re on your way towards ending your relationship soon.


8 – The “I Don’t Care” Attitude Takes Over

Yes, you don’t care about anything anymore. Whatever things you used to do to please your partner now you don’t care about those things. You don’t care what makes them happy or annoy or sad.


Their emotions, feelings or wishes do not matter to you now. Their likes and dislikes are not your business. You want to do things your way, and that’s all.


9 – Emotional Distance

It all started with emotions, the emotions of love, care and affection. But one of you always pulls his/her hand away when the other one wants it so badly. You two feel a significant emotional distance from each other.


The emotional distance arises when both of you stop caring about each other’s emotional needs. You don’t care about the reasons why your partner is crying or in a bad mood or very happy. And you don’t bother to ask them.


10 – The Essentials Are Gone

The essentials of a relationship are trust, care, love and longing for each other. But now you don’t find all of these in your relationship. Perhaps, you have been cheated on or lied. Maybe you are not getting the same amount of love and care in return.


Maybe your partner comes to you only when he/she has some selfish desires or motives. Your relationship has turned just one-sided. Though it seems you’re in a relationship, you feel lonely. Understand that it’s time it’s over.


If you’re reading this and observing the same in your relationship, then these are the ten signs it’s over.