Negativity is one unhealthy and an unpleasant emotion that takes away the two most important things in our lives, hope, and happiness. And nothing is worse than surrounded by such negative people, especially at the workplace. Because every day we have to tackle them like there is one thing in our todo list. We are already under the stress of workload; we have to compete with other coworkers, we have to make sure we complete our tasks on time and what not. As if all these are not enough we also have to deal with negative people at the workplace.

Negative people possess some specific characteristics. If we realize those, then we can find a way to deal with them quickly. So first let’s see what are those characteristics and then we will look at how we can save ourselves from the daily hustle.

Here are the common attributes which negative people have:

They Give Us Negative Vibes

First thing ever we notice about them is the vibes they produce. Everyone has their kind of vibes whenever we come into contact. A cynical person’s presence only will make you uncomfortable as if something’s not right. We start feeling some anxiety whenever they’re around. So that’s the first thing we have to observe.


They Speak Like A Pessimist

They always speak hopelessly. Right from the beginning, they are so afraid or so opposite that we feel down even before starting something. For example, if a new project is going to start, they will begin to complaining or try to demoralize with the full power of their negativity.


They Cry For Everything

Not literally. But it seems like that they have nothing except for the crying. If raise is delayed, the project is changed, a new manager is assigned, salary related issues or anything they will have something to say wrong. They see no good in anything. They are the coworkers who complain about everything.


They Have Something/Someone To Blame For

They will never take any responsibility for them. They will find someone or something whom they can blame. Either it is circumstances or situation due to which things happened they are never at fault. For example, if the client complains about the issue not resolved, then they will blame their subordinates.


They Are The Victims

They play this victim card so well that nothing or no one can beat them in this. According to them the world is always mean to them, colleagues are playing games against them, and the manager is still partial with others. They create such chaos that it sucks out your peace of life.


How To Deal With Negative Coworker

Once you identify the above characteristics, there are specific ways you can deal with negative people at the workplace. Here are some solutions for dealing with difficult employees.

  • Keep the communication as minimal as possible and as professional as possible. By talking only about work-related issues make them understand that you’re here for work and not for gossiping.


  • Avoid any conversation that involves badmouthing about the company or other colleagues. Once you show interest in such a conversation, then they’ll make sure you also start doing the same thing.


  • If possible, change your sitting arrangement. You can talk to the HR department about the issues you’re facing with the negative person around you. They can better handle it.


  • If needed be direct with your words. For example, tell that person that you don’t want to talk about certain things during working hours or anytime.


  • Do not be led by those people in any nasty things that can violate company rules. In that case, you are putting yourself in danger because they’ll quickly put all the blames on you.


  • Do not ever be friends with them. It will not only harm your image in the organization but also people will count you one of them.


Let us know if these tips work for you, or you have any other ways to deal with negative people at the workplace. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Or email us at