Have you been searching all over the internet for the steps moving on from a long-term relationship? Have you become so desperate just to come out from the biggest storm of your life that’s called “breakup”? Do you see yourself in the middle of nowhere? The world seems like the worst place to live. And the more you’re trying to sail through the more you’re sinking. Is this your situation right now?

If all of the answers are ‘yes,’ then you’ve landed at a right place here. It’s no coincidence that you’ve come to this blog and reading it so that you can get some soothing advice about moving on from a long-term relationship or how to move on after a breakup.

First of all, let me assure you one thing that everything will be alright and as the famous saying says “This shall pass too.” Time heals everything. You were in a relationship, and now you’re not, but that doesn’t stop you from moving forward in your life.

A relationship doesn’t define you or your life or your future. It may be you who has ditched the other person, or someone ditched you. That doesn’t matter either. What matters is once a beautiful relation has ended because everything in the world has one end.

Whatever might be the reason for the breakup, moving on is one essential step in life. Stagnant water is stinking water thus flow must be there. Even water needs to keep flowing to remain fresh and useful. Same way you too should go ahead and live it like there’s no tomorrow.

I am going to list out few things that you can surely give a try to move on from a long-term relationship:   

1) Tell yourself these three things every day,

    • It’s going to be alright   
    • Everything happens for a reason
    • I’m going to sail through this

You need to calm yourself down before doing anything. When we go through the breakups, there are tons of emotions run through our mind each moment. Our mind becomes a superhighway of live wires. So one thing we need to do is to compose ourselves by calming down the burning sensations.

2) Accept the reality that it’s over

The more you’ll know and understand the fact the more you’ll be able to come out from it. The truth that we often don’t want to accept is that the relationship is over. Because we are always hopeful about again getting back together and the hopes are also consistently high.

But the thing is there was a reason why you’ve broken up; there was something wrong with the whole relationship which leads you two to get apart. Thus you need to accept the fact that there’s no way it’ll again be the same way it used to be. Accept this fact as soon as possible.

3) Engage yourself in something that makes you happy

It’s one thing that’ll help you divert your mind from the past. Engaging in something creative like developing a hobby or resuming an old hobby is an excellent idea to distract yourself from remembering your ex.

One of my best friends once gave me one cool advice to get a tattoo while I was recovering from a breakup. I gave it a try (though it wasn’t a permanent tattoo and I felt great!). You can even do some charity work like be a volunteer for some NGO or visit an orphanage and spend some time with children or go to a nursing home and talk to old people, etc.

It will surely give you moments of happiness. These are a few unusual ways to try.

4) Spend time with the people close to you

Try to stay with the people with whom you can talk your heart out. For example, your close friend or family member. You should tell them about your feelings until it makes you feel better. Try not to overload them with your emotional outburst.

Try not to annoy them by talking about the breakup every time you meet them or speak to them. To avoid doing so, go on a small outing, watch some entertaining movies, play games doesn’t matter indoor or outdoor. I would suggest if possible stay with your family because staying with your parents or siblings made you feel better.

Family always makes you feel you have your back. That’s what I believe. Sometimes doing something for your family will make you feel good.   

5) Take a break from social media

This one’s a must thing you must do, to do yourself a favor to the least. Social media plays a critical role in our lives nowadays. It is an internet era; people are more active on the internet than in the real lives. It sounds pretty hard but if you need to move on from the long-term relationship then say NO to social media for a while.

Until you get over from the past relationship. While many people also suggest that you should block your ex from all your social media accounts or delete your accounts or deactivate your accounts or delete their contact number(s), etc. right away.

My advice is to stay away from it for a while till your emotions calm down then return to social media and then do all of the above things. Because what happens is if you immediately try to do those things you get tempted to check on their profiles and their current activities then it entices you more and more to stalk them every day which makes it harder for you to move on.

6) Be friends or not to be friends?

Nowadays people stay friends even after a messy breakup. But I find it silly because what’s the point of being friends? A breakup happens because there was something wrong or you can say bad in the relationship. Breakups aren’t happy events. So why converting ties into another relationship! That’s what I feel.

But it’s up to the two of them how they want to carry another relation. Maybe it’s one way of keeping that person in your life though not the same way it used to be. If you’re sure that your ex won’t create a mess in your future relationship, then you can be friends.

7) Throw those negative emotions out of the window

Negative emotions such as fear of being alone. Often people find it difficult to move on because they think they’ll remain single forever in their lives and out of fear of loneliness they make a mistake of jumping into another relationship as soon as one connection gets over.

But my dear reader, don’t do that. You have to find ways to overcome fear. Do not tell yourself what if you’ll not see another person like him/her, what if you’ll be alone forever, what if same things will happen in your next relationship, etc. Unless you learn to enjoy your company you won’t be able to involve into another tie genuinely.

You CAN enjoy everything all by yourself. There’s nothing wrong if you travel on your own, go on a vacation alone, in fact, it’ll be a memorable adventurous trip for you.

Another few things that most people do is to develop a bad habit, like drinking or smoking or overeating. It’ll only harm YOU and nobody else. Our loved ones won’t be happy seeing us like that. Try not to go into those dark paths for the sake of people who love you and care about you.

We live only once, who knows whether there is going to be another life or not, nobody knows. Why waste one single moment for some lousy past experiences? Why not live it with courage and a positive attitude! There will be a better tomorrow. You were living a great life before that relationship then why not live it once more.

Moving On From Long-term Relationship
Moving On From Long-term Relationship

Focus on the things that make you happy, like cooking or painting or dancing or singing or anything which you don’t regret doing. You never know you may find your hidden talent or the talent you would like to establish.

Dear reader, I want to tell you just one thing Be free, live a happy life.

Relationships are meant to happen and when it’s time to let it go, let go of it.