This is the hardest time the world has ever seen. The pandemic. It is the test of human survival. We have been ruling the earth for years. We were growing faster. Our resources were increasing and we were racing against the time. The countries were competing against each other in all the fields. Everyone wanted to come out as a winner and not only the winner but the only winner. One day out of nowhere something happened and everything stopped. One virus attacked humans and we all are on our knees.

We were not prepared for this. Nobody knew once ruled the earth human will become so helpless that it will be hard to overcome this defeat. This virus is mutating itself according to weather, people, and place. There is so much research going on to find out its vaccine. However, we have to be hopeful that someday it will be invented. We will protect ourselves from this virus. Until then, we have to obey what we are asked to do.

One of the few things you have to do is to stay quarantined. You have to keep yourselves inside your houses for a certain number of days. One who is under quarantine neither meets outside people nor outside people meet them. This way you are saving yourself and others from getting infected if you’re carrying any viruses. In this period of isolating yourself, you might feel lonely, depressed, and sometimes hopeless. It’s natural to feel that way because you have been socializing with people every day and suddenly it has to stop. That’s ok! I am going to show you 10 ways to stay positive during the quarantine.

Before we learn the ways to stay positive during quarantine, let me show the benefits you will get when you’re quarantined.

You will spend time with yourself
On average, how much time do you spend with yourself? I believe very few minutes or maybe a few hours. Let’s say you are going to get several days to be with yourself. This is the time you can work on yourself. You are in any circumstances for example, relationship issues, financial issues, family issues, etc. You can make a plan on how you are going to handle these once you are out of your quarantine period. You never know you may end up having a great way to tackle your current situation.

You will keep society safe
As we all know, this virus spreads more when an infected person roams around. So, staying in quarantine not only keeps you inside but the virus inside too. You’re helping society. You owe a lot to the society by keeping the exposure to the minimal when you’re quarantined. This shows that you’re a responsible citizen.

You will take a break from a hectic life
You needed a break from your daily life and here’s your chance. Stay at home. You have to travel for hours to places to reach your workplace. It can be by driving your car or bike, struggling to reach on time amidst all the traffic. It can be by taking public transport, waiting for the bus or the metro. Once you reach your workplace you have to finish your work assignments on time. After your work hours, your commute to your house. It is all tiring and hectic. Let’s say you get the time off from all of these. It will save you a lot of time and enjoy this break.

You will be monitoring your health every day
You have to keep a close eye on your health every day. This is the most important thing. You will get to know about your health condition during this time. You can monitor whether you have something different happening in your body. You can even start preparing a health chart and write down any doubtful behavior your body is experiencing. It will be helpful for your healthcare provider to understand how they can help you or treat you.

Now that you understand the benefits of staying positive during quarantine I would like to show you the ways to stay positive during the quarantine.

1. Develop a new healthy habit
You need to take care of your health more than anything else right now. It is a very good time to start a new habit that can keep you healthy even after this pandemic is over. You need to build your immunity. You may already have a habit of eating healthy food or working out every day. In that case, you can add one more habit in your regime. There are many habits you can develop for example, your sleep schedule. Early to bed and early to rise. Your morning schedule, do yoga. Increase nutritious food in your daily intake. Avoid junk food. For your mental health, you can listen to soothing music. You can meditate. Stop overthinking. Avoid negative thoughts.

2. Play games
Certainly not on your computer or mobile phone. Play games with toys or objects. I remember the time when cell phones or computer games were not there I had so much fun playing indoor games. If you are staying with your partner or roommate or family then you can spend some time with them playing games like chess, monopoly, ludo, snakes & ladders, carrom, or any of your favorite ones. You can bond with your loved ones once again.

3. Watch movies
In your hectic life you may have very little time to watch your favorite movies. If you have children then it is the most difficult thing to take some time out and watch a movie. You are always occupied with them being around the whole time. You can now fulfill that wish. Make a list of your favorite movies you haven’t watched or wish to watch once again. Give yourself some entertainment. I believe that watching movies not only provides you with good entertainment but relaxes your mind too.

4. Share your wisdom
It will be a memorable experience for you to share with others how you survived pandemic and what you did while you were quarantined. You can share your experiences with people who are sailing in the same boat as you. Sometimes it is very handy to handle the situation if you know how others tackle the same. I will always remember the time I was pregnant and facing some issues. I used to search for online forums and blogs about pregnancy which used to make me feel better. It helped me a lot. You can also search for online forums and answer people’s questions about life in quarantine.

5. Write a diary
Writing a diary is never old-fashioned. It gives you a lot of satisfaction because you can pour out all your emotions by writing about it. After many years when you want to revisit your memories then your diary is the best place you can do so. You never know it may make you laugh or cry at that time. It’s wonderful to meet your old self. It may help you to learn something from your past experiences.

6. Take pictures
Nowadays who doesn’t want to take a picture! Selfies are a great way to enjoy seeing yourself as an image. You can create a separate album for your quarantine days. This will surely give you strength in the future that if you could survive that time then you can survive anything. It will become an example of your ability to get through the toughest time of your life.

7. Cook food
It is possible that you already know how to cook and you may have prepared many dishes yourself then it is a good idea to experiment with your cooking skills. You can try creating some new dishes. If it turns out well then you can even share your recipe with others. As you are in quarantine you may have stocked less for the food and this may give you an opportunity to cook food using the minimum ingredients. I have known many people who love cooking as one of their hobbies and it is also one of the ways to kill time.

8. Give up a bad habit
Let’s accept it. We all have one or the other bad habit and bad habit doesn’t always mean smoking or drinking. You can count the bad habit of eating junk food, drinking unhealthy drinks like cola, not washing your hands before eating, or keeping the laundry for days without washing. You may want to think about it and try to lose such habits. Try to take one step at a time. Slowly and gradually you will surely give up those harmful habits.

9. Acknowledge and appreciate what you have
Many times we start taking things or people for granted. You have achieved a lot in your life with your hard work and dedication. You deserve to enjoy all those things. If you are lucky enough then you may be surrounded by people who love you and care for you. You have family, friends, children, grandchildren, life partners, and a bunch of people who admire you. You should always acknowledge and appreciate them whenever you get a chance. There are so many people out there who have never seen or never had what you have right now. You should always be thankful to God for taking care of you.

10. Make a phone call to a long-distance friend
From your childhood to the current age you might have met many people and made many friends. If you have changed places then you have lost regular touch with your friends. You are friends with each other on social media but not like the old times where you used to chat and meet each other on a regular basis. You got busy with your life and they also got busy with theirs. However, you miss them sometimes. You can make a phone call to your long-distance friend and ask them how they are doing. It is possible that both of you feel the same connection you once had.