What is stress? Our mind is a mighty organ of our body. Sometimes it helps us, many times it causes trouble. And frequently it scared the hell out of us by giving danger and send unwanted signals of threats to our body. So when our body and mind respond to this threat and demands is called stress. It is a simple definition of stress. It is crucial we deal with stress as soon as we think it’s overpowering our life. I am going to share some life hacks to live a stress-free life here.

A little stress in life is good because it is a motivator when we are working on something important. Like preparing for college exams weight, giving a presentation at work stress, completing deadline work stress, managing accounts stress, traumatic life event stress. Even in usual day work like managing our house budget stress, pregnancy stress, normal job stress, relationship stress, lack of money stress, etc.

But overstressing not only create physical effects but it also creates Emotional and Behavioral (mental) effects on our body.

Physical symptoms like a stress headache, effect on the immune and digestive system, chest pain, heart disease, weight problem, high blood pressure, diarrhea, sleeping too much or insomnia. You might get affected emotionally with severe depression and anxiety, anger, loneliness, sadness. Behavioral (mental) effects as in trying to relax by taking drugs or alcohol or smoking cigarette, trying to overeat (stress eating) or eat too little and that can lead to weight loss or gain problems.


There are so many ways to get rid of stress. I will show some stress management techniques or say life hacks to live a stress-free life.

Find the cause of stress

Finding the reason is necessary to deal with stress. So that we can find out the ways to cure it. For example, if we are facing a problem at a job with extra loaded work and that is the cause of stress in our life, then we should take a step back, relax and talk to our boss, will mostly solve the problem.

If we are stressing about money issues, then we should make a monthly budget and spend the money only on necessary things. If our stress is related to some traumatic incident that happened then, we should ask for help from our family or relatives and avoid sitting alone and overthinking.

Regular exercise

Exercising only 20-30 minutes every day can get us fit, but it also helps us reduce our stress benefited with good mood. It stops the negative cycle of thoughts and helps us concentrate and focus on essential things.

Relax or do some relaxing activity

Engaging our mind in more positive and relaxing activities will help us to relieve stress. Like listening to our favorite songs, watching some funny movies, reading a good book, cooking. Even meditation and Yoga will help us relax. And try to shut our minds from thoughts is the best way to relax.

We should avoid talking repetitively about our problems and stress issues with other people. Otherwise, it will add more frustration and stress in our life. For the ladies, I strongly recommend some DIY face pack and some good music and after that one relaxing tea. Perfect life hack to live a stress-free life and at the end of the day after office hours.

Stop taking drugs and alcohol

Taking drugs or alcohol or excessive smoking will not only affect our health badly but also causes the reverse effect on our peaceful mind. Instead of making this bad habits we should focus and divert our thoughts to some other important issues because it is ruining our health and spirit.

Healthy diet

Eating lots of veggies and fruits work wonder on our health. It provides the vitamins, fibers, and minerals that the body needs. Many fruits and vegetables fight against the illness and keep us healthy. Just drinking enough water will clean our body and keep our digestive system healthy. The healthier the body, the more sound the mind.

Get rest and enough sleep

We should get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping helps our mind to rest and work better the next day. Less sleeping will not only cause health issues but also confuse our mind, and we lose our focus on priorities and essential matters. When we don’t sleep properly, the next day we feel sleepy all the time and lose the ability to perform even our day to day task.

Lack of sleeping increase anger or irritation in us. And that will ruin our relations with others. Accidentally we might hurt somebody even though we don’t mean it. So, try to avoid using technologies like mobile or television, before an hour or so to sleep better. Sleep well so that we can think and act appropriately.

Organize or Prioritize

Sometimes we stress over inappropriate or unreasonable issues. Like passing an examination, thus better preparation of an exam should be perfect so that we don’t stress over it. Also, like what we are going to do with our lives as in future stress, but the better thing is to enjoy today and do something for our next instead of stressing over it.

Making a priority list, organizing necessary tasks will automatically reduce our stress. What is essential and what is not? Work on it, instead of stressing over it. Always focus on things we have completed or accomplished instead of focusing on the remaining unfinished work.

Take a short vacation

If we were overloaded with work and completed it, then we should reward ourselves by going on a vacation. We don’t have to necessarily take a whole week or a full month’s vacation.

Maybe a weekend or something will be enough. You will need it for a stress-free life. Forgetting about our problems, worries, and stress and enjoy the beauty of nature or going to a beach. And try to relax as much as possible.

Faith in the Lord

Why should we worry about ourselves when our almighty God provides us every small to large needs? Trust him he will never leave us on our own. Do not take stress because God is always there for us. Believe in him, and you will feel better.

Lastly, seek the help of a professional

If nothing works for you and you have suicidal thoughts, or taking drugs or alcohol to survive then immediately you should find professional help.

Please do share your story which stress-free life hack works for you or if you have your technique to deal with stress.

Please do write us your inspiring and motivating stories here or give us your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

You need faith to relieve stress.