We all know that in our lives, we’re going to fail at something no matter what. Just like death, failure is also an inevitable part of human life. Whether you’re ready or not it’s going happen, and that is when you least expect it. I have never seen any successful person in my life who has never failed. And that doesn’t stop them from growing and progressing. Life goes on! But if you don’t want to become, that’s when you’re called a failure. Certain personality traits that make you a loser.


It is a saying, failure is the stepping stone to success. Without failure, there is no success. If you look at the bright side, then you’ll never be discouraged or disappointed. To be successful in life, you must overcome your fears and start working on your goals with new ideas.


People often ask us where you want to see yourself after 5-10 years? Or what do you want to become in your life? These questions are bothersome, make you worried about yourself. And I guess they should be. Your present decisions decide your future either you’ll get success or failure.


Let me give you some personality traits of a loser. It’s up to you to change it and be a different person.


1. Too Much Dependency

When you were young, you used to be dependent on your parents for everything. They give you a house, money, support, love and even pay for all your expenses. But after you grow up, how much do you depend on them? Have you set any goal in your life? Do you know where your life is heading?


People who depend on other people more than they should, never learn or grow more than they should. Not building in your life is a danger sign that you’re walking towards being a failure.


2. Always Give Excuses

We all give excuses when the situation forces you to do something you don’t want to do or don’t want to let it happen. The difference is when you’re ALWAYS giving excuses for everything related to you, your problems, your mistakes or your circumstances then you are drawing yourself towards failure.


Giving excuses show more of a running away attitude from taking responsibilities and making things right. Just remember one thing, “You are what you do, not what you say you will do.”


3. Always Blame Others

You did something wrong, and you know it, but still you don’t want to accept it thus you tend to blame others for your mistakes. It seems more comfortable to put your guilt on someone else than to be responsible for it. So people are continuously failing in their lives have this habit of blaming everyone else but themselves.


It is unknown to me how people think that they’re doing themselves a favor when they blame someone else for their wrongdoings. The one wants to make his/her life better will never do this. Successful people always take responsibility for their deeds and work hard to change it.


4. Constantly Think Negative

Yes, negativity is what they can never stop thinking. It is always and forever that they can’t overcome their negative mindsets. These people are stuck with “what if” instead of “why not.” It’s good to think both the ways by asking “what if” but it has to be with some solution.


Whenever I wanted to do something new or something out of the box, I too have asked myself “what if” but with “what if … then …”. I had prepared myself for the plan B. You can think of multiple solutions, and whichever is suitable for the current situation then you should go for that. Only negative thinking doesn’t make you a loser, but thinking harmful and not doing anything about it will surely make you a loser.


5. Never Try New Things

One would never want to fail; it is not a choice. Nobody would want to go through disappointments and hardships. So these people avoid doing anything that is new. The reason is they don’t know what’s coming for them.


When you try something new, you can’t give excuses or blame others or can’t stop thinking negative, so you NEVER try new things. Trying something new takes a lot of courage which they lack very much.


“Failing cannot be your choice but overcoming those failures is definitely your choice.”