When you’re in a relationship, all you want is your partner’s happiness. You want to keep him/her happy at all cost because his/her happiness is your happiness. And this is not bad at all. Sometimes you even go beyond your power and strength to fulfill his/her wishes. That shows how badly you love your partner. But there are specific red flags you shouldn’t avoid in making all those compromises for your loved one. There are a few things you should never compromise in a relationship.

You have to understand that you love your partner but not neglecting yourself. Read further to know which are the things you shouldn’t compromise.

1. You are an individual

Many a time people get so involved in a relationship that they keep themselves occupied with their partners. They make their schedules to match their partners’ schedules. They forget living their own lives. That’s the thing I believe nobody should compromise, and that is their individuality.

You are someone’s love interest, and it’s a beautiful thing. But do not let it identify you that way. Keep your Identity intact. Your relationship should not overshadow who you are.


2. You have certain limits

Everyone in this world has a limit except for you are a Marvel superhero. You better know where you have to draw the line and say no. Yes, keep your partner happy and do what pleases them but it surely doesn’t mean that you always have to cross the limits to prove your love.

If someone loves you, then he/she will never ask you for something that is not within your reach. When you understand your limits, then you will make them know that. Don’t make such promises that you will regret later because you couldn’t keep them.

3. Your self-respect comes first

Respect should always be mutual. There is no point your partner says they love you but do not give you respect in front of others as well as in person. Try to understand the difference whether you’re seeking attention or respect from your partner.

You might have heard the statement “seek respect not attention because it lasts longer.” It is one hundred percent true. Never compromise with your self-respect in the process of making someone happy.

4. You are equal

There is no superior partner in any relationship. You are playing your role that nobody else can play better. Your occupation, qualification or job should not measure where you stand in your relationship. Whatever you are doing should be appreciated and accepted on the same ground.

You are no less than your partner, and your partner is no less than you. You both are equal concerning the relationship. It is not about gender equality; it is about the balance.

5. You have a life out of this relationship

Indeed, you have other people in your life than your beloved. You shouldn’t ignore them or the commitments you owe them. They may be counting on you or looking forward to you. Sometimes, take a break from the responsibilities of the relationship and spend time with other people too, like your friends and family.

Hang out with them, go for some coffee or lunch whenever you can. It will give your mind some time of relaxation as well.

A relationship demands adjustments and compromises but they should not be more than required.