Are you tired of being single? If yes, then I’m going to show you some fantastic reasons why being single is awesome.


Finding a mate for yourself is indeed a source of happiness. It makes us happy, secure, confident and enthusiastic. We feel complete because of the presence of someone in our lives.


If you’re in a relationship then, definitely it makes you satisfied emotionally and physically but it has its drawbacks as well, for example, relationship turning into a toxic relationship, both persons are together because of loneliness and not love, breakups are always hurtful, moving on from long-term relationship is difficult and many more complexities.


And I’m not saying there are no successful relationships, but some people don’t cope up with these complexities and decide to stay single instead. They have their reasons and to think that being single is awesome.


For some people being single is not only a choice but they are happy with their status of “Happily Single.” The reasons behind staying single differ from person to person.


Following are some common reasons that people choose to stay single.


1The Freedom

They cannot compromise their freedom at any cost. They love their freedom more than anything. From the privilege of wearing any clothes to go to someplace without anyone’s consent. They think being with someone will take away the freedom of their lives. Thus they choose to be single. They don’t want anyone to approve or disapprove of their likes or dislikes.


2. The Alone Time

One general idea behind getting into a relationship is to save ourselves from being lonely. But these people are so comfortable alone that being alone does not affect them at all. Sometimes people decide to stay single because of some past breakups, and some people choose to remain single just like that. They do not have to check their cell phones now and then or their social media accounts for updates instead they spend that time on rather other essential things in their lives.


3. Own Company

They love themselves, and thus they can enjoy their private company if nobody is around them. They can go any place alone and still that will not affect their enjoyment. Their enjoyment and happiness do not rely on anyone. They plan their trips; they go to restaurants or cafes, they can even sit in the corner of a room and watch movies or read books. All these are normal for them.


4. The Commitments

These people are commitment phobic which is the primary reason why they choose to be single. They’re afraid of getting themselves into some relationship because they don’t want to commit themselves to someone. Even if we want it or not, commitments need our time and energy for all the right reasons in the world. Sometimes we also have to change so many things to adjust to a relationship and changing something for someone freaks them out.


5. The Hurt

Mostly these people already know the consequences of the relationships. They’re the best judge of themselves. They think that the romantic relationships always hurt. Thus by staying single will save them from getting destroyed by someone. For them, their emotions are so precious to be wasted on something or someone who does not value them.


6. The Dreams

Single people can live their lives on their terms which make them live their dreams. If you are in a relationship, you have to prioritize the commitments first, and your ideas have to wait. These people cannot afford this. They have their future goals and plannings for that and nothing can stop them to achieve them. They want to live it and live it to the fullest.

Being in the relationship with someone is great but being single is similarly excellent too. You can take control of your life entirely and do things the way it pleases you and not anyone else. You can explore a whole new world around you and learn to enjoy all by yourself. Loving yourself is not selfish, it is happiness.

Being single is not a burden, it is an opportunity to know and love yourself better.