Relationships can take any turn at any point in time. When you’re in love, it is difficult to recognize a person right from the beginning. We often try to avoid believing our intuitions because we give more importance to the relationship than our inner voice. And by overlooking such points, we usually end up being the victim of a toxic relationship. 

A relationship turns toxic over the time when the accused deliberately tries to hide his original self from you. There are specific warning signs of a toxic person which leads to a toxic relationship. And it often ends up being an abusive one. 

You will always feel that you’re guilty

When you’re in a toxic relationship, the other person will continuously make you feel guilty about almost everything. If you remind the other person that he/she has forgotten to do something, then they will blame you for not telling them earlier. For anything and everything happens in your lives, you will be responsible.

You will not be able to voice your opinion

For a healthy relationship, both partners should have space to say whatever they have in mind. In case, if you feel that your opinion doesn’t count, then that is entirely unhealthy. You will never be able to express your desires and needs with this person. That means you will never feel important in the relationship.

The other person will take charge of the decisions

When you’re in a relationship, you feel that your partner should be involved in some important decisions of your life. But when you ask them or tell them about your choice, they become the in-charge. They will try to change your mind according to their wish. They would want you to accept their decisions.

You will stop growing as an individual

You feel intimidated by the other person. There is always the fear of rejection or getting neglected in the back of your mind. You stop yourself from saying or doing something. It will prevent your growth as a person. Because when there is no scope of expressing yourself, you can’t grow. You need to overcome your fears first.

You feel you have lost your identity

In a toxic relationship, it is always about your partner. People notice the two of you and you as a partner of another person. Thus you start feeling there is no identity of yours now. Just because you’re in a relationship with someone that shouldn’t overshadow your individuality.

You will feel neglected

There is always someone or something that the other person prioritize you. It can be events, friends, job, their hobbies, and they choose these things first. You always have to fight for your rights and your importance in their lives. They can neglect you so quickly and don’t even feel sorry about it. You may often find yourself taken for granted.

You will lose your self-confidence

A toxic person tests your limits by always putting you in a situation where you have to show that you are an understanding partner. Because they make you feel you guilty, take you for granted and neglect you so severely that you lose your self-confidence.

You will often be punished

In a toxic relationship, you will usually get punished. If you don’t behave or do something in a way that they are expecting from you then they will do some nasty things like avoiding you, stop communicating with you, creating emotional and physical distance with you. Sometimes these people also try to belittle you or insult you in public.

If you feel you’re in a toxic relationship, then you certainly have to try to talk to your partner about whatever things are bothering you. Do not keep silence about it. The earlier you stand up for yourself, the more you will get yourself out of this unhealthy relationship. And even after trying everything nothing changes then walking away from the relationship is the last option for you.

When a relationship gives you the pain more than you can bear, it’s time to get out of it.