Who Are We?


I take the opportunity to give a small introduction about ourselves. We're Eliana and Faith, as we call ourselves. We're two individuals having the same mindsets, and thus we're running this website as partners. Our main motive was always to help people and encourage them in achieving their goals and become successful in their lives.

We are trying to pull out the inner strength and the power of their minds that people often neglect to understand. Our goal is to develop a better society because it starts with us. We believe that if we want to live in a better community, then we have to create one.

Today's culture is a fast-food culture. People want everything within seconds or minutes. We have no time for our families and friends. And with every day's struggles, we even don't get time for ourselves as well. We're always in search of peace, motivation, and inspiration to get going. That's what we're trying to provide here.

Entering into the world of the Internet was never an idea for us until we sat one day and saw that we were never satisfied with our jobs. Working for someone else made us feel that our knowledge and skills are being used by them but they don't value it. We wanted to gain value for ourselves and that we would have never learned to do a 10 hours job. So we jumped out of our comfort zones and created this site.

Eliana Jags
Co-founder, Author
Hey, this is Eliana Jags. Want to know more about me? Click Read More.
Faith Jags
Co-founder, Creative Head
Hey, this Faith Jags. Want to know more about me? Click Read More.

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