When we talk about relationships, the first question I always want to ask is why you’re in a relationship? You might think that the issue is irrelevant because a relationship and especially a romantic relationship always starts because of love. My observation is a little different on it. Other reasons build a relationship between a man and a woman. They can be an attraction, loneliness, physical needs, status and sometimes only timepass. So let’s figure out what makes a relationship successful. Are there any formulas for a successful relationship?

I’ve met many couples who have excellent relationships with their partners for a very long time, say spouses or girlfriends or boyfriends. And so many couples who got to have their relationships for a minimal period. So can we assume that the more you stay in a relationship, the more it is to call a successful one? Well, it depends. People do not jump out of the relationship because of the fear. The fear of becoming a laughing stock among society, the doubt that they will never get someone else in life, the fear of thinking what people will think of him/her and the fear that they might hurt their partner.

Even though there is nothing left to offer to your partner, you choose to stay. Thus you can’t call it a successful relationship just because you stayed longer. Sometimes you might spend very few moments with someone but those moments become the most amazing moments of your life which you never forget. Both of you know that it is not going to last longer and however you manage to keep each other as happy as possible.

According to my observation, here are the few things that make a successful relationship, no matter what amount of time you spend.

1. Commitment to each other

Commitment is a mutual understanding between you and your partner. Commitment is giving your words to your partners. It is something that your partner can always count on you. If you say you will do something, then you do it. And if you say you won’t do something, then you won’t. End of story. There are no excuses when you commit something to your partner. It is going to build the faith and the foundation of your relationship. No hiding games unless you’re not interested making it work.

2. Prioritizing your partner

This one’s a keeper and a full-proof point to build a strong and long-lasting relationship. You must give the highest priority to your partner. Of course, there are other important things too in your life but be wise while making a choice. You cannot give a higher priority to your soccer match on Saturday evening if your partner wants you to be with her. Same way you cannot prioritize your shopping over the dinner date. Make sure that your partner feels he/she is on the top of your priority list.

3. Being honest

Honesty is the best policy. So correctly said! When you are honest with your partner, he/she will always rely on you. Your partner will come to you whenever they get stuck in something because they know that you won’t ever misguide them. They are assured that no matter what they will get the best piece of advice and opinion from you.

Honesty is the best policy.

It will make them stay closer to you in all matters and also you will always have an idea what your partner is doing. Thus there will always be transparency between both of you.

4. Stay loyal

It is the thing you are telling your partner that he/she can always count on you. Your partner knows that you will never hurt him/her. You are going to get his/her back for everything. It makes your relationship secure and joyful. There is no way a third person can enter into your lives to mess things up. Loyalty is the highest priority for both of you. Nowadays temptations are everywhere, be it in the workplace or on social media. But no amount of such fascination can harm your bond as you commit to staying loyal to each other.

5. No room for egos

No matter how genuinely you love your partner but if your ego gets hurt in all kind of small things, then it’s not going to work. Sometimes you must keep your ego aside to look at the bigger picture and think about the future consequences too. Maybe you are angry for a little while and say something harsh or be rude to your partner to save your ego but perhaps it creates some fatal wounds in your partner’s heart. I think and firmly believe that there shouldn’t be any room for egos in a long-term successful relationship.

It doesn’t matter what amount of time you spent together, days or weeks or months or years, what matters is the quality of time that counts.