How do we know someone is happy? The answer is simple when we see them smiling. A smile is a positive emotion that is directly related to our happiness. So we can conclude that happiness is also a positive emotion. When we look at the different aspects of life, we find that being happy is one of the significant aspects of life we need, to live a stress-free life. Let’s see these five aspects of life that form your happiness.

Your happiness makes you stress-free. We live in a high-speed world where technology changes every second and we too have to keep ourselves updated so that we don’t remain behind in the race of living. And in this race of life, we often forget how to live a happy life.

Life doesn’t have any user manuals where we can search for how to find happiness. But what we do have is the sense of finding joy in every moment of our life. In all aspects of life, we can create happiness. I would like to share some principles that I too follow in my life, which will help you build happiness in your life.


1. KISS – Keep It Simple Sweetheart

Well, initially this principle was used by the US Navy in 1960. According to Wikipedia, the term is associated with the aircraft engineer Kelly Johnson. But I am going to tell you about my version of KISS.

The KISS rule is my favorite rule. We have a very complicated brain mechanism. Our brain has two parts: Left and Right. Both the regions have their functionalities so that they can manage our whole body to work correctly. But what it doesn’t do correctly is when it messes up with our emotions. Our emotions disturb this wonderfully working organ at certain times. For example, complicating our lives especially when we are not happy.

When I hear someone saying my life is so complicated I feel like how come life became complicated by itself? It’s always us who put ourselves into a mess and then complain that our lives are complicated. Let’s not keep it that way from now. Keep it, simple sweetheart. Do you want to talk to your old friend? Call him/her. Don’t you like something? Say it. Do you need something? Ask for it. Life can be simpler and simple life is a happier life.


2. Health Is Wealth

It is one genius statement because without good health millions of dollars seem worthless. This reminds me of the last letter of Steve Jobs that he wrote on his deathbed. You can google about it later.

My point is, develop good health when you’re young. Follow good habits like eating healthy food, do some regular work out, stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. If you are physically fit, you will feel better about yourself. You will feel confident. When you look in the mirror and see yourself in good shape, it will surely bring a smile to your face, and good health is a bonus.

For years, I had a lousy habit of eating junk food. I thought it made me happy. But it cost me my health and wealth both. Because I used to fall sick often, I gained a few extra pounds, and I lost money buying those cheesy burgers and pizzas which I regret about a lot. But when I got rid of that bad habit of eating junk, I felt better and happier. My health is right, I am in shape, and I even saved few extra bucks. So definitely health is “wealth” and wealth is happiness. (wink!)


3. Live And Let Live

All we need is some peace of mind. The whole day we struggle a lot to make our lives better. We work hard; we run here and there, we try our best to meet those ends. We want to live a good life; we want our children to get a good future. That’s what we all want.

The thumb rule is, if you expect someone to be kind to you then you too have to become the one yourself. You have to learn to tolerate others so that they can tolerate you also. If we understand the limitations of each other, then it can make a massive difference to our society. We will be able to create a happy living environment for one another.

Take, for example, marriage. A couple has to adjust with each other after marriage. Husband has to tolerate his wife’s annoying habit of spending money and wife has to endure her husband’s irritating habit of watching football match all the time. Unless they adjust to each other’s habits, they cannot live a happily married life. In short, if you want a happy life, you need to learn to tolerate a few things.


4. Forget And Forgive

Forgiveness is something that doesn’t come quickly. We remember every tiny detail when someone hurt us. We don’t even try to forget what has happened. And that becomes one additional reason for our unhappy lives. I understand that some wounds are so thick that we can’t quickly forget and definitely can’t forgive the one who gave us. But my experience says, time heals everything.

We all, at some point in time, got hurt by someone. Maybe it was a toxic relationship; perhaps it was a partner cheated on you, maybe someone betrayed you in business, maybe someone took advantage of you. It might be anything that you feel is an unforgiving deed. But you know what, you are causing suffering for yourself by keeping those memories alive.

You can forget about it and forgive the concerned person or persons. That will open a way for you to think about something better and useful in your life. Forgiving someone will not only make you happy but also give you peace.


5. Do What You Love, Love What You Do

This one is a clear sentence. Isn’t it true that doing what you love will automatically make you fall in love what you’re doing? Who doesn’t wish that someday I will be able to do what I love? But to make a living, we have to end up doing things we don’t even like to do. You have to do a fixed hours job, but in reality, you love to play guitar. You love to write a book, but you get stuck in the marketing business.

It’s true that money can’t buy happiness and everything is not always about money. Sometimes we have to take risks to find true happiness for ourselves. If I confess, I had left my job a few years back because of my passion for writing. But I am delighted today because that’s what makes me happy. I love what I am doing because I am doing it for myself.

Life is too short to live with regrets and grudges. I have read one lovely line somewhere, “We live only once and if we live it right, once is enough.” To be happy or not entirely depends on you. Let these five aspects of life be helpful in building your life a happier one.