10 sure signs a relationship is over

10 Sure Signs A Relationship Is Over 

When to know a relationship is over? Most of the romantic relationships go through a phase called “It’s Complicated.” And because of such complications and emotional imbalances noticed in the youth, even Facebook introduced the same “Relationship Status” in a person’s profile. Inside our head, we all know that when any complications arise, it’s almost sure that a relationship is over….

Effective Steps To Overcome Fear

6 Steps To Overcome Fear 

You have been through this so far in your life by doing well or not doing well, but you’ve been here so far at this moment. And that’s what matters the most. The journey of life got you many such events where you were afraid to go ahead or where you thought to avoid it badly or where you were…

Steps moving on from long-term relationship

7 Steps Moving On From A Long Term Relationship 

Have you been searching all over the internet for the steps moving on from a long-term relationship? Have you become so desperate just to come out from the biggest storm of your life that’s called “breakup”? Do you see yourself in the middle of nowhere? The world seems like the worst place to live. And the more you’re trying to…

5 personality traits that make you a failure

5 Personality Traits That Make You A Loser 

We all know that in our lives, we’re going to fail at something no matter what. Just like death, failure is also an inevitable part of human life. Whether you’re ready or not it’s going happen, and that is when you least expect it. I have never seen any successful person in my life who has never failed. And that…

reasons why I am not going to be an emotional slave to anyone anymore

Reasons Why I Am Not Going To Be An Emotional Slave To Anyone 

It is true that at one point in time in your life, you become emotionally dependent on someone you finally trust. You trust that person so much that it gives you an eternal satisfaction when you talk to that person about all your worries or problems or concerns. Pouring out your emotions whom you’ve been hiding significantly with everybody else…

I am a woman and I am not proud of it. Find out why?

I Am A Woman And I Am Not Proud Of It. Find Out Why? 

Where in today’s world we hear and watch all about women empowerment, gender equality, women’s rights and blah. I thought of writing something that is bothering me for years. Why do I have to say, “I am a woman, and I am proud of it.”? I mean come on, have you ever heard any man boasting of his gender? It…

Are There Any Formulas For A Successful Relationship

Are There Any Formulas For A Successful Relationship? Find Out Here. 

When we talk about relationships, the first question I always want to ask is why you’re in a relationship? You might think that the issue is irrelevant because a relationship and especially a romantic relationship always starts because of love. My observation is a little different on it. Other reasons build a relationship between a man and a woman. They…

5 Things you should never compromise in a relationship

5 Things You Should Never Compromise In A Relationship 

When you’re in a relationship, all you want is your partner’s happiness. You want to keep him/her happy at all cost because his/her happiness is your happiness. And this is not bad at all. Sometimes you even go beyond your power and strength to fulfill his/her wishes. That shows how badly you love your partner. But there are specific red…

All You Need To Know Why Relationships Should Be Maintained

All You Need To Know Why Relationships Should Be Maintained 

Relationships are naive, fragile and vulnerable. Here we are talking about the men-women relationship. It doesn’t matter how you two are spending your lives with each other. You may be girlfriend-boyfriend, live-in partners or husband-wife. Years ago I heard one saying about relationships which stated that “If the relationship is strong then you don’t need to maintain it.” But I…

reasons why you should seek respect not attention

4 Reasons Why You Should Seek Respect Not Attention 

When you like someone dearly, you often try to catch their attention. You enjoy being admired and praised. You love to hear the compliments from the one whom you love. So in the process of getting the likes and admiration, you forget that you are only trying to impress the people by your looks. But looks do not last for long….