personality traits of an introvert from the diary of an introvert

Personality Traits Of An Introvert From The Diary Of An Introvert 

What is an introvert? The basic introvert definition says, a shy and reticent person. An introvert person is the one who doesn’t talk much. You rarely see them at any social events. Forget about the parties; you don’t see them at family gatherings. I happened to be an introvert person myself, and thus I know how it feels to be…

Different Forms Of Love That We All Feel

Different Forms of Love That We All Feel 

What is love? The technical definition of love is “A strong feeling of affection”. But do we google it before falling in love? No, because it is a feeling that naturally comes to us. And why to define it when we can actually feel it. Let’s see what are the different forms of love that we all feel. Love- the…

7 Helpful Tips To Beat The Depression

8 Helpful Tips To Beat The Depression 

Before you start reading this article which will guide you with helpful tips to beat the depression, I want you to know that I’ve been a victim of depression and thus I want to tell you this: If I can, You can too. If you are searching on Google to kill yourself and finding quotes about that and while reading…