Before you start reading this article which will guide you with helpful tips to beat the depression, I want you to know that I’ve been a victim of depression and thus I want to tell you this: If I can, You can too.

If you are searching on Google to kill yourself and finding quotes about that and while reading it you are crying your heart out. Cursing yourself with every wrong word you know or God or people. Mostly you are quiet and sad, sitting in the corner of your house. You always listened to the tiny voice in your head, whenever you feel happy, telling you that “You don’t deserve this.” There are so many reasons to feel depressed. Maybe because you are single and want somebody to love you or you are in a toxic relationship or because of your work or because of your family. At the same time, you are also tired of feeling hopeless, helpless and worthless.

You are tired of this feeling, and you want the voice in your head to stop harassing you, you are reading this right now is a proof of that. Plus you are here and reading this is not coincident, maybe God wants you to read it and tell you something through me. And I want to help you and show you some ways to beat that depression.


Shut the negative voices

First of all, you have to stop listening to that voice immediately. Tell it to shut up. You are not worthless. And you are not helpless. I am here. Just like you. I know exactly how you feel. If you are wondering nobody can understand that or there is no “off” switch for these feelings, blah blah… Perhaps you are wrong.

Been there done that. I have felt the same way. The exact feeling, from the moment you wake up and till you sleep (if you can sleep) at night. I remember how I was not able to sleep at night, wandering around the house. Crying or eating. I have hurt myself physically. Not with the blood of course. I hate watching blood plus I love my body to get any scratches. Yes, I am in a funny kind of depression. But if you are self-harming yourself and you are not able to control it, then you should seek professional help. Anyways, I am going to help you fight, kill and bury your depression. Please stay with me.

Because you deserve every small, medium, prominent and most prominent happiness in the world. And yes, you don’t deserve to be sad or see yourself in pain. Stop ruining your life because of that stupid little voice in your head. And never hurt yourself physically. You will not like that ugly scars after some years or days when you feel good. You are the prettiest. I believe YOU are. Why mess up what God has given you. You are the best and not a loser. You have lived your life till now it is one kind of achievement. Believe in yourself. Love yourself.

It’s only ME who helped me. It’s just you that can help you. Scroll down for the things to know how I beat depression.

Love yourself

No matter what you’re facing right now love yourself and stay positive. Remember everything is going to be okay. Love your soul, love your body. Love whatever you are. To beat the depression, you need to put faith in yourself. Don’t try to kill that beautiful and unique person that can change the world someday.

Love your family

Your family is going to be with you in any circumstances. Make them feel special when they support you. Gift them the things that they might need. My mother used to take medicines so I give her the medicine box for that can store up to 7 days medicine. She is using it every day. That made her life comfortable, and whenever she uses it, she is going to love me more. You don’t have to give expensive gifts. But meaningful gift. I do cook for my family occasionally. I like to prepare food for them. That way I show love. I am sure you too have some ideas.

Find your passion

Trust me it is the primary factor which helped me overcome my depression. I love cooking and traveling. I have so many dreams I have to achieve. Chase it. Find out what you love to do. Find out what makes YOU happy. You like to read; maybe you want to write. Write it down what you like to do. Dancing, painting, writing, reading, singing (karaoke included- I am terrible at karaoke by the way). Me and my sister used to do karaoke singing when one of us feel down. And then we realize our problems and troubles is undoubtedly better than our voices. Come on, get up, live your passion. Live your dreams.

Forget the past

Don’t live in the past. Move on from a past relationship. Forget about the things that are troubling you. What had happened, happened. And I am sure the things that have happened whether good or bad have helped you become what you are today. The bad things happened to you, taught you a valuable and useful lesson. And I always believe, whatever happens, happens for good.

Live this incredible life as you please

You know that you will never get this life again. Then why waste it on the things that are never going to happen or already happened. You like to travel. Go for it. You love to cook. Cook anything you want. As long as it makes you happy and that don’t harm other people then why not.


If you are a spiritual person, then pray to God to give you hope and help you overcome your depression. This one point can change your life. If you are not a spiritual person, then think of God as your invisible friend and tell him. Just pray to God to give you strength to fight, and you don’t want to die. I am sure he will help you. No matter where you are and what you are.

Eat healthy food and do some exercise

I believe if you eat correctly and do some exercise on a regular basis most of your stress, troubling thoughts and fears will disappear. Eating a balanced diet will give you the strength to fight and exercising is a kind of meditation. Burn the extra calories and stay fit.

I am writing this to you because I beat the depression so can you. And I want to help you, to take control of your own life. I know there is no on-off switch for that. But don’t pity yourself. I have been feeling hopeless and worthless for so long. I have overcome that stupid and weird feeling without the help of any psychiatrist or counselor. Only YOU can help yourself.

If you are a fighter and you have successfully done that. You can share your story anonymously here. Or you helped someone who was in the state of depression. Please do share it with us.

Don’t let depression snatches away the happiness you deserve. You need to beat the depression before it beats you.