What do you think how stubborn you are? How willing are you to change your current situation? Are you so desperate that you would do anything to come out from the hell you are going through right now? I can feel you because I know exactly how you are feeling. I have been there, and I can completely relate to your situation. I am going to show you how to bounce back after setbacks with these 6 learned methods.


The agony of failing in something where you have kept all of your hopes and expectations is unbearable. You keep asking yourself why what and how it happened even after putting all the efforts? So when you get no answer, you think about quitting. Yes, that only seems very easy for us. Why not? Afterall, you have failed miserably right?


Let me ask you one thing, can you give me one name who has never failed in life? Just one single name if you can provide. I guess nobody. Also, do you know any successful person who has ever given up after he/she has failed? Again, nobody. Do you know the reason why? Because they chose not to give up and they bounce back from failure over and over again.


The key is to be resilient after failure. Just don’t let any damn failure keep you from succeeding. I tell you how to deal with failure and how to bounce back from defeat.


1. Accept the mistakes

The first mistake we all do when we fail is the denial to accept that we did something wrong or something didn’t do well. When you fail at something, our brain takes time to accept the reality at first.


However, as much as you try to avoid those mistakes, you’re unintentionally telling yourself not to learn from them. If you want to know why the setback happened and why you couldn’t make it the first thing you should do is to accept it with an open mind.


You need to pour out all your emotions be it frustration or anger or anything. Please get it all out from your system. That’s how you will be free from those negative energy within you. You’ll be able to calm yourself later and cope up with the circumstances in a better way.


2. Analyse what went wrong

That’s what I have been doing for years and let me assure you that it works. I know it’s excruciating to remember all the past scenarios which brought us a failure but you have to do it. You need to analyze where the problem occurred.


Make a complete analysis of your activities step by step and try to dig deeper. At some point, you will surely understand the cause of failure. Why it happened, what were the significant factors that affected it and how would you have avoided it. List them all.


3. Do it again and do it differently

There is a saying, “Try and try till you succeed.” You should give it a try surely but this time do it differently. You have already analyzed where was the lacking point so try to do things the other way.

Unless you do it differently, you will not get a different result. If you are doing something same way every time and expecting a different outcome, then it’s not going to happen. You need to change the way you did it last time, look at it from another angle then implement it and wait for the result if it turns things.

4. Don’t repeat past mistakes

Remember the things what you have analyzed and where did you find the problem? Just keep in mind not to repeat the mistakes. Whether it was your fault or another external factor or something that caused you so many difficulties, you need to try to fix it this time.

If it happened the first time, then it is a mistake, but if the same thing happened the second time, then it is a choice. Be careful with what you are doing in the present so that you can save yourself from another setback.

5. Be open for all the results

Do you know the fact that before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb how many times he had failed? Also, he mentioned that “I haven’t failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Make yourself open to face all kinds of results. You may fail, or you may not fail. Try not to disappoint with the current setbacks. Keep your faith and hope alive until you finally reach your goal.

6. Don’t forget to take care of yourself

The more you exhaust yourself mentally, the more you will become weak physically. When there are failures and setbacks in life, you don’t feel to take care of your health. However, it is not the right thing. You should get proper sleep, eat healthily and drink plenty of water.

Perhaps, you can go for some outdoor activities or exercise or meditate. Whatever that makes you comfortable with your body and mind you should go for it. The least you can do is to go for a walk every day. Watching nature is the best way to forget about the present situation.

You will face many more challenges and failures on the road to success. However, remember one thing that bouncing back from defeat is the key to success. Are you ready to get up and fight back?



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