Beware Of These 5 Mental Traps On Your Road To Success 

You might have heard that “failure is inevitable,” “failure is the key to success,” “failure makes you stronger,” “be resilient to failure,” and so on. What is the most significant difference between failure and success? I can tell you that, it is your thinking and beliefs. Yes, you read it right. You lose or win based on your mental power….


5 Excellent Productivity Tips To Help You Slay The Day 

We are living in an era, where change is the only thing that is certain. With the increasing use of technology, life is getting more comfortable, but on the other side, it’s getting busier. Can you imagine how our life used to be in the 90’s and compare it with our present experience? The changes are incredible, aren’t they? In…


10 Important Relationship Basics For A Long-Lasting Relationship 

Each relationship goes to thick and thin of life because every person has some or the other flaws. But not every relationship survive in such circumstances where all you think is to call it off. There are some important relationship basics which you should be aware of if you’re seriously looking for a long-term relationship. Those healthy relationship wheels are…


6 Effective Ways To Find Your Motivation To Work Hard 

Why do we work hard? The answer is simple; hard work pays off, always. Working hard for your dreams, goals and to be successful in life is all one needs. Time plays a crucial role in our lives. When we’re going through some difficult or tough phase of lives, we need ways to get motivated. We ask ourselves how I…


Personality Traits Of An Introvert From The Diary Of An Introvert 

What is an introvert? The basic introvert definition says, a shy and reticent person. An introvert person is the one who doesn’t talk much. You rarely see them at any social events. Forget about the parties; you don’t see them at family gatherings. I happened to be an introvert person myself, and thus I know how it feels to be…


7 Simple Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Time 

If someone asks me what’s the most precious thing I have in my life that I would want to spend or use it very wisely. Then my answer would be “time.” It’s the one thing that is once gone never comes back. It doesn’t have undone button. Having so much importance in one’s life, you always want to find ways…


10 Sure Signs A Relationship Is Over 

When to know a relationship is over? Most of the romantic relationships go through a phase called “It’s Complicated.” And because of such complications and emotional imbalances noticed in the youth, even Facebook introduced the same “Relationship Status” in a person’s profile. Inside our head, we all know that when any complications arise, it’s almost sure that a relationship is over….