We are living in an era, where change is the only thing that is certain. With the increasing use of technology, life is getting more comfortable, but on the other side, it’s getting busier. Can you imagine how our life used to be in the 90’s and compare it with our present experience? The changes are incredible, aren’t they?

In the present scenario, the one thing that concerns us the most is our productivity–both in our personal and professional lives. Your life demands you to be productive, and yet most of us struggle to reach the level of productivity that we desire.

Twenty-four hours seem a short time to do everything that needs to be done, and you can only succeed if you are productive enough.

Here are five excellent productivity tips that will help you stay productive.

1. Set daily goals and prioritize your tasks

Setting goals are crucial if we want to be productive. We must decide what we want to be, do or have–not only for the long term but also the upcoming day as well. You have to set goals and break them into smaller tasks. It’s easier to handle tasks if you prioritize them first.

The urgent and important tasks, if done, first of all, take a significant load off your shoulders. If we don’t set goals and prioritize, we cannot give ourselves a direction. Everything starts piling up, and we start worrying and fretting about them. We end up doing our tasks in a haphazard way that drains us of our energy and time.

2. Keep your body fit and active

Health has a great deal of significance in productivity. If you feel drowsy throughout your day, or your stomach hurts, you can’t be productive enough, right? Your focus will frequently shift to the discomfort in your body, and you will end up doing everything poorly, or perhaps you will be unable to do anything at all.

Proper diet and exercise are the keys to better health. Every morning, no matter how your bed beckons you to sleep a little more, you have to drag yourself from it and work out a little. Initially, it would feel exhausting. As you go on exercising regularly, your energy will increase. A jog in the park or even a brisk walk will help you a lot.

A balanced diet is inevitable for a healthy body. You must start avoiding the fried stuff. Burgers and French fries might give you satisfaction to your taste-buds but might damage your health to a devastating extent if frequently eaten. Instead, fill your meals with vegetables as much as you can, with proper proportions of carbohydrates and proteins. Eat healthy fats from fish, eggs, olive oils, and avocados.

A healthy body can help you function well and achieve more, without letting you feel exhausted.

3. Keep your mind focused

Have you experienced your mind drifting away to some other thoughts or concerns and making you feel anxious when you’re desperately trying to do some critical task at hand? Have you ever felt that your work is taking longer than usual because you’re getting distracted continuously? That is the problem with an unfocused mind.

I once heard Mingyur Rinpoche, a Buddhist monk calling it a ‘monkey mind,’ which keeps speaking gibberish and throw tantrums. It is the natural tendency of our mind to wander around, and it’s our job to train it and keep it under control. With proper focus and direction, our mind can do wonders.

Meditation is the best way to train your mind to be quiet. When you meditate, you practice focus, no matter whether you have a credit card bill to take care of, or a teacher from high school has complained about your son.

If you meditate daily for at least five minutes, you will see the improved result in whatever you do. You will remain patient and calm. Worries and doubts will not put you down anymore.

4. Take short breaks

Taking breaks from work is not a luxury, but a necessity. A short break rejuvenates your mind between your tasks. Break or leisure is not about doing nothing; it’s about doing something different–perhaps listening to your favorite music, or taking a walk, or reading a piece of a good poem.

Your mind and body get fatigued if you continue to work for long hours at a stretch. When you give yourself a break, you may find new ways to think. Often a new idea occurs after taking a break–something to help you out with the task where you had been stuck for some reason.

5. Find out where you waste your time and energy

Sometimes we tend to spend time in unproductive engagements without realizing. We keep scrolling down our social media page without any purpose, and when we check the clock, we find that we have wasted away an hour. We indulge ourselves in gossips about other people without even intending to do so.

If you sit down and calculate how much time is getting wasted per day and for what reasons, you will get a clear picture of how you need to change yourself to be more productive. Changing your habits that waste your time and energy brings a drastic effect on your productivity. You will be surprised to find that you are capable of doing much more than you had previously expected to be.

Life is a gift. Making it productive is essential for the betterment of humanity, as well as our personal growth. What we create in our lifetime is an asset for our future generations. The more productive you become, the more you can leave behind. Every day is an opportunity to be better and do better. Let’s seize the day!

By Ria Banerjee
Guest Author

I am Ria Banerjee. I’m an IT professional in love with words and writing. I love writing about spirituality, human psychology, literature, philosophy, and motivation. I write fiction and poetry too. Visit my blog and Facebook page here.