When you think about improving the quality of your life, you might only connect it to the financial or social status. However, it is necessary to understand that the quality of your life depends on the habits you possess in your daily life. If you want to improve your life first, you should develop some habits. I will share the good habits you should adopt to improve the quality of your life.


The habits that affect four significant areas of your life are: physical, emotional, social, and financial. You need to understand the importance of all four of them as they are going to decide the overall quality of your life. Many times you ignore that your physical health is as vital as your emotional health. You cannot avoid any of them.


I have compiled a list of 12 good habits you should adopt in your daily life as well as in your overall experience which I am sure will help you improve the quality of your life.


1. Drink Plenty Of Water

You might have heard a piece of advice that a person should drink 8-ounce glasses of water daily to remain healthy. Our body is approximately about 60% water. If you want to save yourself from health problems like Constipation, Kidney stones, Acne and Skin hydration, then you must provide your body with a sufficient amount of water every day.


Drinking much water also helps increase your metabolism. It may help you reduce your weight by reducing your appetite. Your skin also becomes radiant if you drink much water. So first essential and a good habit you should adopt is to drink plenty of water.


2. Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy food or maintaining a healthy diet will lead you to a better life. The reason is simple; an unhealthy or sick person cannot work better than a healthy person. If you’re eating healthy food, then your risk of falling sick minimizes to a specific level, which in turn raises your energy levels to help you work more efficiently.


By developing a habit of eating healthy food also gives you an advantage of balancing your weight gain. It lowers the risk of heart diseases, controls your sugar levels in the body, strengthens your bones and teeth and most importantly boosts your immunity.


3. Regular Exercise / Meditation

Any physical activity like walking, jogging, dancing, running, or swimming, to name a few have the power to boost up your mood. Studies show that exercise makes you feel happy. If you develop a habit of regular exercise, then you’re surely going to get many health benefits such as weight loss,  strengthening your muscles and bones, increasing your energy levels, improving brain functions, getting good sleep and better sex life.


Whereas, meditation can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It maximizes the pain relief and the ability to cope up with the discomfort. Research published in the Annals of Family Medicine shows that people who meditate regularly fall sick less often.


4. Show Gratitude

In the daily hustle and bustle, you often overlook the small yet essential thing due to which your day runs smoothly. You accomplish your routine without noticing one thing that you do not say “Thank You” to anyone. Yes, it is possible that you are so occupied with your work and job that you might forget to show appreciation to the people who are helping you out every day.


It might be your wife, your co-worker, a janitor at your office or a random guy at the store. Nurture a habit to acknowledge what they are doing for you. Showing gratitude not only shows that you notice their favors but also makes them happy. Moreover, you should thank them personally and verbally.


5. Keep Positive Approach

Whenever a problem arises, it is your attitude that decides how quickly you are going to resolve it. It always depends on your attitude towards any circumstances whether you manage to keep a positive one or a negative one. When you adopt a positive approach as a way of life; it becomes easier to cope up with any situation and later reach the solution for it. I came across a very inspiring tweet a few days ago.

Tweet of DrRalphNap

Your words also determine the impact you make on others. You should stop using the phrases like, “I can’t,” “It won’t work,” or “It’s not possible.” The more you feed your mind with such negativity the more you create problems for yourself.


6. Don’t Stress Over Past And Future

Stressing over the past or the future may keep you from living the present moments. You might not notice what’s happening around you. Moreover, you stop living the present life.


I love the Master Oogway quote from the movie Kung-Fu Panda which says, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the PRESENT”. You should learn to let go of the past mistakes and failures.


Sometimes you are not able to forgive yourself for your failures. In the long term, you regret that in the course of self-pity you missed so many opportunities of being happy and enjoying life.


If you’re stressed about the future events that may or may not happen, then you should know that it’s impossible for all your imaginary dragons to come true. Perhaps you are making mountains out of molehills. Think about the problems carefully and ask yourself whether they actually exist and if not then let the things happen on its own time.


7. Learn To Forgive More

It is often not an easy task to forgive someone who has done injustice to you or offended you extremely or gave you a terrible heartache. Forgiveness is not something that happens overnight. It takes time. You experience rage and a sense of revenge against the person who has hurt you. It is human nature.


Can someone forgive the murderer of his/her spouse and children? Yes, it has happened. I can tell you a true story of a missionary named Gladys Staines who has forgiven the murderer of her husband Graham Staines and their two children. Forgiving someone like this needs much courage.


In the short span of life, it is better to forgive your offenders and free yourself from the grudges. The more you start overlooking people, the more you can focus your growth rather than live with bad memories.


8. Help Someone (Whenever You Can)

How often do you help someone describe how kind and generous person you are. You should always be willing to help people in need. It can be as simple as helping a blind man cross the road and as hard as consoling someone who has lost their loved one.


The world famous Dalai Lama says, “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” Helping others will always make you happy and will give you satisfaction. You are going to meet many people who are in need of something, thus develop a good habit of helping someone whenever you can.


9. Laugh Often

You know there is a saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” It relaxes the whole body, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, improves your heart health and many more. One study was conducted to see the effects of laughter therapy on depression, cognition, and sleep which later come out as a useful and cost-effective way of improving the quality of life.


You should start implementing this simple habit to see the difference in your life. The more you begin often laughing the more you understand that life is not so complicated or hard. It may not solve the problems for you, but it will surely give you a break which will help you think differently to resolve issues around you.


10. Organize Finances

It doesn’t matter whether you are earning the six-figure salary or less. You should always look after your finances properly. It is a good habit to make a list of your expenses and earnings on a day to day basis. If not daily then you should do it every weekend or every month end.


My husband and I have developed a habit of making a budget for the next month so that we can divide our expenses accordingly. It has been a beneficial habit for both of us because we’ve been able to understand where we were spending unnecessary and that money we could utilize in other important things.


11. Limit The Use Of Smartphones

Nowadays smartphones are everywhere and used for everything. You can do anything with your smartphone from buying grocery to making a business deal. This tiny gadget has the whole world inside of it. People are seen more on social networks than in the real social gatherings. Even during the gettogether or any social event you often see them ducked in their smartphones.


Teenagers and youngsters forget how to communicate, how to socialize and how to make interpersonal relations with people. To limit the use of smartphones, you should first make rules in your family. For example, do not use smartphones at the dining table, in the bedroom and when you have guests. Even the pediatricians recommend that you should not give smartphones to your children until they turn two.


12. Make Time For Your Family

Your family should be your number one priority. In some cases, you might not be able to meet them on a daily basis like you are working overseas or living in another city or military. However, you can always make time for them whenever you should.


You should not wait for the father’s day or the mother’s day to see your parents. The best gift you can give your family is your time and undivided attention. Your children need you more than any gadget or car or bike thus be with them as much as you can. You should always spend some quality time with your spouse every day.


Life is straightforward, and you can make it enjoyable in all circumstances. You can make changes in your life today and tomorrow see that the world is a better place.

Which good habits you are going to adopt or have already selected to improve the quality of your life? Would you like to share with us? Please tell us so in the comment section below or send us an email at sharestory@beinginsightful.com.