Life can bring you many challenges with time to time. You may become vulnerable and distressful due to the uncertainty of life. There are so many circumstances where you might wonder why it happened to me? Why it is always me who has to suffer? What have I done to deserve such a miserable life? All these questions start haunting you like anything. And you are entirely out of sync with your life. It is but natural that you lose your inner peace while struggling in the time of distress. What could be done to find inner peace in such time?

Paulo Coehlo quote
Paulo Coehlo

Nothing is permanent

First of all, let me tell you whatever you are in a situation right now is not permanent. Yes, you won’t be miserable and out of sync for the rest of your life. If you believe in God, then trust Him because he is watching over you. You might think there is, none whom you can look up to in the time of distress but that is not true. Remove that thought from your mind. You are not alone, for the time being, you might be, but it won’t be forever.

Learn about many things

You will be able to learn to differentiate the right and the wrong of everything. You will discover your abilities to get up and fight back. In this time of distress, you will get to know your strengths more and more. This time will teach you how active you are. You need to focus on the things that give you the power to give your best shot to come out from all these miseries. Always keep your eyes and mind open for the lessons that are going to help you build your future.


Turn your back from the bad habits

I have observed that the time of distress may take you to a wrong path of bad habits. So many people when feeling hopeless start drinking, smoking, consume drugs and other bad things. These things might give you temporary relief from your pain. But remember that they can ruin your life forever. Developing some bad habits is the worst thing you will ever do to yourself. Never find any reliance on such things as those.


It is the best remedy for finding peace of mind. Early morning meditation will help you go through the whole day. You can do yoga or pray. Meditation enables you to concentrate and gather your thoughts in one place. It is one of the verified methods of finding inner peace in the time of distress. Meditation can help you overcome your negative thoughts and clean the negative energy as well.

Seek help

When you are going through the time of distress, you need to have trustworthy people around you. These people can help you come out from the situation that you’re in right now. Ask them for help, doesn’t matter if you need emotional support, mental support or their physical presence. Remember that there is always some people who want your well-being and care for you. Share your feelings with those people. It will make you feel better.

If you are facing problems in your life, then know that you are not the only one. There are so many people out there who are having more significant issues than yours, who have nobody with them, who are waiting since long to come out from their miseries. It is up to you to make how you want your life should be. God helps those who want to help themselves.

Life is much more than you ever thought. It is exciting, full of surprises and unpredictable. Learn to enjoy its unpredictability.