Where in today’s world we hear and watch all about women empowerment, gender equality, women’s rights and blah. I thought of writing something that is bothering me for years. Why do I have to say, “I am a woman, and I am proud of it.”? I mean come on, have you ever heard any man boasting of his gender? It shows that we women think of ourselves differently as if being a woman we are doing something special. Of course, we are unique in many ways, and we have some extraordinary qualities that men do not have. Be it our physical strength or mental strength.

We are God’s creation in the same way men are

When God created humans, both male, and female, he created them both in his image. It is that simple that both are humans. The only difference is we have different functionalities. The way men are operated, the same way women can’t be managed. It is like using an iOS and Android. If men are iOS, then women are Android. And both are essential OS to use a smartphone. To run the world successfully, you need both men and women. My point here is, let’s not think of another gender lesser.

As a human being, one would expect to be treated respectfully. Fair enough! But to gain respect, you need to learn to respect others as well. If you mistreat or disrespect someone and expect that you will get vice versa then sorry it won’t work that way. It applies to every human.

Women are emotional, and they are expressive about it. We express our feelings verbally or behaviorally. There are tons of thoughts go on continuously in our minds, and we react to them. If we don’t let them out, we either go mad or go into depression. It is very true. No matter how stable or prosperous a woman is, she needs to let those emotions out somewhere or with someone. It’s just that some of us has learned to control it correctly.

We know our duties and responsibilities very well

There are so many roles a woman has to play during her lifetime. Sometimes all at once too. I am married and a mother of one child. I take care of my household every day, cook for three times a day, take care of my child’s needs, manage my time to adjust to husband’s schedules, keep healthy relations with everyone, etc.

And still, I have to take time out for myself on a daily basis. My mind remains always occupy with my next task that too by prioritizing which one to complete first. Women have been doing such tasks for years silently, not expecting anything in return. God designed us that way. We consider it as our responsibilities and do not wait for anybody to remind us of our duties.

The whole idea of feeling proud of ourselves, seem a little shallow to me. Yes, we are multitaskers, strong, ambitious, successful, intelligent, wonderful, beautiful and independent. We are the best in our own body and soul, and that doesn’t need any approval or disapproval of someone to realize our worth. We are essential, and without us, the world won’t run. End of story!

I am proud of myself for being me

I am proud of myself because of my achievements and abilities. I am proud of myself because of my unique way of living the life. I am proud of myself because of the work I have done and have been doing so far. I am proud of myself because I am what I am. I am proud of myself, and it’s not because I am a woman. That’s all I want to say.

Be proud of yourself for what you are and how you have been through the journey of life.