At first, this statement sounds very arrogant and selfish. We’re social creatures, and we live in a society which has some norms and way of living to specific standards. So apparently, there are many things we need to take care of when we do something or want to do something. People will make you accountable for your actions and deeds. Then I don’t owe any explanation to anyone for my decisions here’s why?

Yes, you do need to explain what you did and why you did to maintain a healthy atmosphere around you. It is quite natural to fear about getting boycotted or isolated by your society. Our society has a tendency not to accept people who choose a different way of living or change something that was going on for ages. People hesitate to allow something that is alien to them.

If we look at the history of humanity, then we will realize we’ve gone through millions of differences and billions of changes in the process of evolving. Humankind has emerged from stone-age to technology-age. Do any of our ancestors have ever thought one day humans will fly the spaceship and go on a different planet? It became possible because of some visionary who has brought us this incredible technology.

It’s not limited to society but our own family too. We might be opposed by our parents or siblings when we want to try something completely out of our tradition. There are chances we might have to leave everything for our decisions. There are chances that we might even fail for what we split everything. Just remember one thing, if your passion is strong enough to drive you crazy thinking about it, then you must not fear anything.


Because I Know What I Am Doing

You should be 100% sure that what you’re doing is right for you and that’s ALL you always wanted to do. Be it your dream, passion and the motto of your life. It can be anything; you can be a visionary, an inventor, a musician, a singer, a writer, a techie mind. Just go for it if that’s what gives you a purpose in your life if that’s what fulfills your soul and spirit.

Don’t feel sorry about people who are not in your favor right now. Once you achieve your goals, then those people will admire you one day for your guts.


Because I Am Going To Make It

Once you are sure and clear about your goals and you are determined to do it, there is not a single thing that is going to stop you from working on it. You are pretty sure that you are going to make it anyhow. Your mind will automatically start giving you signals what to do and how to do.

If you are too loud for your passions, then even the doors of opportunities will open for you. You will find ways to make it work. And all of your inner beings will keep telling you “Just go it!”.


Because I Know What I Deserve

It is you are seeking for the whole of your life. These feelings will come when you know your value. You know your worth, and you know what you deserve. People bury their dreams and passions because of the lacking of knowledge about their self-worth. They don’t realize how they should be valued or treated and thus live a life that they never wanted.

Your decisions and your ways are always yours that nobody else can replace. I firmly believe that it’s better to be alone, work hard and later let that work speaks for itself. People will change their minds gradually once they know you’re on the right track.


Because It Gives Me A Sense Of Fulfillment

At the end of the day, if it makes you feel satisfied, then it is for sure a day worth it. Your dreams, passion or your ways must be fulfilling you. If you are not happy with the current situation of your life, then it is time to think over your everyday activities. What are you missing in your daily life? What is it that is not letting you sleep peacefully?

If you are unsatisfied with what you are doing right now, stop. Think about the things which you wanted to do once, which you have forgotten over the course of struggling in life. Think about those things and try to make it work. It is your life, and we get it only once then why not do what you love!

“Breaking the norms is sometimes good for you and the society, to bring the change in the world.”