Editor’s Note:

The story is real. And the writer has requested us to keep her name anonymous. We respect her privacy.

It is a true story of a woman who had a terrible marriage with a guy who happened to be a mamma’s boy. Read further to know what happened to this woman and how she took control of her life.

The best days of my life turned into a nightmare

To begin with my story, I’d like to introduce myself. I am a 33-year-old married woman and blessed with a lovely daughter. By profession, I am a Computer Engineer, but I enjoy philosophy, writing and reading on the Internet. Mostly real stories of people. It fascinates me a lot.

I was a bright student since childhood. I always ranked in the top 10 throughout my educational career. My parents are so proud of me. I have made a perfect name in my society. People who know me from childhood wants their children to be like me. And I am not boasting myself. Many youngsters have approached me for educational guidance and confronted me that they see me as their role model and have the desire to be like me. I feel great. In short, I am a self-made person to whom people look at with respect.

But I did something so terrible three years ago that all those virtuous deeds were washed away. I am lost. I committed the biggest mistake of my life, and I don’t know how am I going to correct it. It all happened when I was at the peak of my career. I was earning so well and was working for a multinational company with a higher position. I was an independent woman. It made me feel like I am so capable of taking my own decisions. Before I made that mistake, I had never failed in any of my choices. It was all wise and worthy that I never had to look back. That mistake was getting married to a wrong man, sorry guy. He doesn’t deserve to be called a man.

I was 30 when I decided to get married. So I created a profile on the well known matrimonial site. To be honest, I was scared to meet with guys in person. That’s why the online profile. I met this guy there. His simple profile got my interest. We exchanged numbers. And he started sending me texts on WhatsApp. Initially, I took the interest but when I thought it is time to talk he was hesitant to which I assumed he must be shy too.

Things went on, and it was all going on through chats and SMS. By that time I had come to know about him and his family. I was happy because I found him much like me. Independent and self-made. After enough chatting, we moved to calls then video calls and finally meeting. He invited my family and me to his brother’s wedding so that we can see his culture and meet him and his family. We met. We liked each other and each other’s families.

He changed, and I didn’t even realize it

Now, everything seemed very serious. I was noticing a few changes in his behavior. He had asked me to call his mother once in a week or anytime I was free. I found it odd because I had nothing to talk to her and I asked myself why I need to call her that too whenever I get time. Then I thought well she is going to be my mother-in-law that’s why it will be okay if I know her too. I started calling her. Most of the time I called her after leaving office. And couldn’t talk much as I had to travel to home. Every time I spoke I noticed a new change in my would be husband’s behavior. If I forgot to ask how is she doing, then my would be husband reminded me to ask next time I call her. He was very strict with his reminders.

One fine day my mobile network didn’t work correctly and on that day only my mother-in-law was trying my number but couldn’t reach me. The same evening my husband called me and asked the reason why my phone was unreachable. I felt so great because I thought he was concerned about me. But then he said which was neither concern nor care for me. He said, next time I should take care of network coverage and call his mother back as she tried my number in the day. I asked him whether anything was urgent and he said nothing was critical it’s just that his mother couldn’t reach me, so I must call her back. And foolish me I accepted that it was my “duty” to call her. Till now, I find nothing was wrong.

After a few months, we were getting married. The day we got married I saw a different guy. He was totally into his mother. He scolded me for booking the hotel room on the first floor for his mother as she had a knee problem while walking or climbing stairs. On our wedding day instead of enjoying all wedding rituals and fun, he was looking after his mother, whether she ate or took medicines for her knees, or standing or sitting, etc. He was just concerned about his mother. I was so disappointed that he wasn’t paying attention to the guests that are coming on the stage to greet us or me. It was all so strange for me. I was so shocked and surprised to see his new face.

He made me a slave of his mother

Days passed. His mother was now living with us. My husband and I live in a different city due to jobs. Her theory was she is going to teach us how to live peacefully with each other and show me how to run the house. She was nagging. Morning till the night she watched my work, how I am doing things so that she can make me do things her way. And if I forgot something or did something my way she would complain to my husband while I went to work. My husband instead of asking me why I did what I did scold me without listening to my side of the story. I was not able to convince him the truth because he said it was all my imaginations or I am making stories to create chaos in the house.

His mother knew her son is blind towards her behavior with me, so she kept on taking advantage of it. She started deciding each and everything in our house and also in our lives. She used to determine when we should do what. For my husband, her wish was his command. He followed and made me follow it too. She even let his elder brother decide things for us. No doubt his elder brother is a lovely person. But my mother in law deliberately asked him his opinion so that she can give authority to his elder brother too. From buying grocery to buying a car, either she decided, or her elder son decided. She never asked me or took my opinion even. Decision makers were my mother in law and brother in law. My husband only nodded ‘yes.’ My husband was okay with all these things.

I started feeling frustrated because he had lied to me that he was an independent person. I never saw him taking any decision without consulting his mother or brother.

But not anymore, one thing that changed everything in my life

I would have gradually accepted if my daughter wasn’t born. My mother in law was interfering in our lives so much that she thought she would do the same with my daughter too. But now I have had enough. I was just tired of my indecisive and mamma’s boy husband. I told him that I am going to decide what is best for my daughter and not your mother. This only sentence blasted in our lives like a nuclear bomb. We fought like anything. I was not in a mood to give him a damn. I was very firm on my words and my decision. He asked me to leave his house with my daughter. I walked away.

He never wanted to listen to me about his mother. He always turned deaf ears whenever I complained to him about his mother. Now, the situation is so worst that he wants a divorce with me. He became so heartless towards his daughter who is just six months old. He wanted his mother to rule over us. But I took a stand against it and for which I have to pay the price. I had left his house. My marriage is about to break. My daughter will never see her father as he has entirely cut me off. He is not ready to listen to me. He is not even asking anything about our daughter. All because I stood up for my rights.

I didn’t want my daughter to see me compromising now and then and see me like a doormat. I don’t want to raise her where her mother is suffocating, and her father is always silent about everything that is done wrong to her mother. Because I know a daughter still becomes what she sees in her mother. I want her to become strong and independent. And never to compromise with her rights.

I ruined my career due to him. Today I am sitting home jobless. All my dreams are shattered. I don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring for my daughter and me. But I wish no girl have to face what I faced.