Each relationship goes to thick and thin of life because every person has some or the other flaws. But not every relationship survive in such circumstances where all you think is to call it off. There are some important relationship basics which you should be aware of if you’re seriously looking for a long-term relationship. Those healthy relationship wheels are going to help you understand relationship better. I want to share 10 important relationship basics for a long-lasting relationship.


I had an idea that love is the only thing needed to be in a relationship and all other things are secondary. But as I grew up, my concept changed drastically. I came to know that there are so many other factors which are as important as love.

The First 5 Most Important Things In A Relationship

1. Love

The primary and most important thing to start a serious relationship is love. You both must love each other with the same intensity. Love has to be both sided. When you’re in your initial phase of the relationship, this is the one thing that is going to cover the flaws and incompleteness of your partner. When you love someone, you will easily avoid their irritating habits or will try to adjust to them without complaining.

2. Trust

Trust is the must. No matter how madly you are in love with your partner if you are not able to trust them then there is no point being in a relationship with them. You have to trust them and give them reasons to believe you. Moreover, trust is not something that you can build overnight. It takes time. You both have to work on it. Trust follows only one rule, “Give And Take.”


3. Forgiveness

It is entirely possible that you or your partner are going to make some mistakes. You both cannot just overlook the importance of not being able to fulfill other person’s expectations every single time. So in the process of getting to know each other, you have to learn to forgive. If you’re looking for perfection, then you might miss the affection for your partner. We all are humans and humans are prone to make mistakes, remember this fact. Forgiving your partner not only shows that you are kind but also shows that you care for your relationship.


4. Patience

People possess some irritating or annoying habits which you can’t stand. Your partner might not be an exception. Sometimes it drives you nuts what your partner does or say. However, you need to convey your concern to them before you blow them with your wrath. And not only express you have to patient about it. Your partner will gradually and certainly leave the habit that is bothering you.

5. Likeness

Yes, it’s very uncommon to hear that you love a person a lot, but you don’t like them. Because they don’t agree with you, they don’t accept your decisions, and sometimes they don’t do the right things. Their behavior and habits might make you unhappy. However, you still love them with the core of your heart and would do anything for them. According to my observation and experience, I would say one should like another to stay in a long-lasting relationship. If you do not like a person, then it’ll make you frustrated all the time and eventually you’ll move on from the relationship.

5 Most Important Things That Hold Value More Than Love

1. Respect

How would you feel when the person you’re with is always judging you? Alternatively, makes fun of you in front of others? Nobody would want to stay with such a person no matter how genuinely you love them. In a relationship, there has to be mutual respect. Both you should respect each other not only in private but also in public. Respecting each other will increase the love and affection towards each other. You should respect your partner’s decisions, their privacy, their self-respect and their beliefs in life. It’s possible that you might not agree with them, but you have to learn to convey your disagreement in a polite yet convincing way.


2. Communication

Without communication, you cannot keep it for longer. If you have concerns, you should be able to communicate that with your partner. There should always be room to talk about anything and everything. If you’re not able to speak up your mind, it means you’re silently mistreating yourself. You should be able to tell your partner what is bothering you or what you like/dislike or what makes you happy/sad. Communication is another way of sharing yourself with your partner.


3. Honesty

My husband and I are always honest with each other not just in the significant matters, but every small issue arises on a daily basis. If he doesn’t like the dish, I cooked he tells me about it. If I don’t like the way, he spends money on unnecessary things, so I show him. We don’t hide our dislikes, misbeliefs or bad habits with each other. We remain open about it with each other. At first, we might not like it or feel sorry about it, but later it gives us a chance to correct those mistakes. It helped us in becoming a better person. Always be honest with your partner about everything.


4. Compromise

A relationship does demand compromise whether you like it or not. To make adjustments you might have to let go few things because that’s what you would do for a long-lasting relationship. A relationship demands adjustments and compromises, but they should not be more than required. Few things you should never compromise in a relationship. However, when it’s necessary, then you should do it.


5. Loyalty

There are hundreds of attractions in this world and thousands of temptations. However, you have to be loyal to your partner. Devotion will bring everything in your relationship such as respect, love, trust, forgiveness. If you both are faithful with each other then you both will be able to work tension free, your productivity will increase, you’ll stay happy, and your relationship with others will also become better.



These are the ten important relationship basics for a long-lasting relationship. What are your thoughts/views/opinion about this article? Please do share with us in the comment section below or email us at sharestory@beinginsightful.com.