You might have heard that “failure is inevitable,” “failure is the key to success,” “failure makes you stronger,” “be resilient to failure,” and so on. What is the most significant difference between failure and success? I can tell you that, it is your thinking and beliefs. Yes, you read it right. You lose or win based on your mental power. The stronger you are from your mind, the stronger you are to succeed.

You long for so many things in life, and one of the things is to become successful. Success not only gives you name and fame but also can make you wealthy. You enjoy mundane life once you reach on the top. It is 100% true, and I am sure you will agree with me on that.

There are many factors which are holding you back from success, and I am going to share some with you. Let’s look at the blocking mental traps on your road to success.

1. Perceptions about everything

We all have some intuitions about things that may or may not happen in the future. However, you are the kind that always predicts stuff you are unsure. You don’t know whether it is going to happen or not but you don’t take a step ahead thinking that it is undoubtedly going to happen. It means that you are afraid of taking risks and making things happen the other way.

It is good to assume some things and be ready with an alternate way, but it is not right to consider everything terrible and never put an effort to achieve your goal. Your assumptions about everything may not turn out real so be open for the challenge and give yourself a chance to work on your future endeavors. One decision might change your life completely.

2. Holding onto your past too hard

Many people are too afraid to move forward because they think they will again face the same setback which they have seen in the past. It is one thing that keeps you from progressing. You have to understand that everything that happens in your life is to teach you something. If you have faced a loss in your business, then you must make yourself aware of the mistakes you did in the past, but you shouldn’t hold on to it for the rest of your life.

Everyone experiences some or the other kind of failure in life. You are not an exception. You should learn from your mistakes, but you should not live in your mistakes. Make your mistakes as a pioneer of your future to build a successful life by never repeating them.

3. Constantly blaming others

Nobody likes to blame themselves if something terrible happens in his or her lives. It is always someone else or the circumstances due to which the miserable things have happened. It can sometimes be but not always. If you have this habit of putting all the blames on others, then you are never going to learn anything in your life. You progress when you learn, and you learn only when you accept your mistakes.

People lose respect for you because of your inconsistency and incompetence. You come out as a harmful and toxic person who never take responsibility for his/her flaws and faults. You can’t be successful with such an attitude of washing hands when you should stand up and take responsibility. It is the most dangerous mental trap that can never lead you to success.

4. Avoiding tough decisions

Taking tough decisions at a time is one of the most stressful periods you experience in life. Sometimes you have to cut off a few people from your life; sometimes you have to shut down your business, sometimes you have to leave a place, sometimes you have to take the long and challenging path, sometimes you have to take a stand even if you are the only one, and so on. Making decisions like this takes a lot of courage, time and energy.

Your mental toughness lets you do things you would have never imagined. However, if you are not the type who can take big and difficult decisions in life, then you are creating a barrier to achieve success in your life. You are missing out on the importance of taking control over your life. You are disappointing people who are dependent on you. People stop counting on you because of your indecisiveness. You should try your best to avoid this mental trap on the road to success.

5. Inability to understand your fears

You should realize your fears carefully to overcome them. Is it the fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of being judged by others or anything? First and the most important thing is to find out what is it that scares you from being the person you always to be? If you do not know the cause of disease, you cannot treat it. If you do not see where you are going, you can’t reach there. If you do not understand what your fear is, you cannot overcome it.

You are trying to hide it from the world that you are not afraid of anything that can’t be true. Even the most courageous man has some fears. You have to search for the ways to break the mental traps of the thinking “what will people say.” In the end, nobody cares. You have to fight your own battles and win. Nobody can help you except yourself.

If you want people to remember you for your victories and achievements rather than your faults and failures, then it depends on you how and what you want to leave when you are not here anymore.