You might have heard people telling you, “Don’t give up,” “Never give up on this,” “Keep never give up attitude,” and so on. No wonder that you feel motivated if someone else tells you not to give up on things you want to quit badly. I want to ask you one thing, “Do you think that adapting to ‘never give up attitude’ always help you change your circumstances?”

Sometimes you have to be resilient to give up on something essential to you, or something that matters to you a lot. For example, giving up on your dreams, giving up on your relationship or giving up on yourself. It can be painful, and at times you get dishearten because after spending so much time and efforts you are in a situation where you are about to leave everything.

So, the question arises, “Is the ‘never give up attitude’ always help?” What are the possibilities that you will succeed if you don’t give up? I give you one example, suppose you are in an abusive relationship, but you love your partner madly; thus you don’t want to come out of it. It doesn’t make sense. Why should you go on with someone who doesn’t value you and your feelings?

Let’s see few things whether the ‘never give up attitude’ always helpful or not. Find out more.

1. Your Dreams

There might be thousands of reasons not to pursue your dreams and only a handful of reasons to go ahead. Most of the reasons are people and their judgments. You always fear ‘what people will say’ before jumping into anything. Perhaps, it is your family who concerns the society the most. Are you willing to fight every odd and obstacle that is going to come in between your dreams?

Working towards your dreams is not an easy task. You might have to face your fears, your family, your society, and what not. If you are determined to achieve it at any cost, then nothing can stop you. However, if you are only dreaming about it and not ready to sacrifice anything, then chances are you might not win.

2. Your Wishes

It is a sure thing that your wishes do not end until you die. Even a person on the deathbed wishes that he or she not want to die. I would say nobody in this world lives without any wishes. No matter big or small, you want that all your wishes come true.

You always hope that at least once in a lifetime you want to something or the other thing. However, what happens when these wishes do not be fulfilled? I tell you, disappointments, heartbreak, and sometimes even depression. It makes you vulnerable due to lots of expectations. Perhaps, I might sound a little bit negative, but it’s the truth and harsh reality.

3. Your Relationship

Relationships are fragile, and you cannot guarantee anything anytime. Your relationship is precious to you. You want to nurture it, make it grow and hope to keep it long-lasting. You want to play your role at the best so that you and your partner create a successful relationship.

Sometimes, you even ignore the faults and mistakes of your partner or vice versa you want your partner to overlook your flaws and mistakes. Whatever the case might be, you shouldn’t do anything more than required. You shouldn’t compromise your self-respect, your values, your individuality, and you are worth only to keep the relationship alive.

4. Your Overall Life

You would be surprised to know that so many people go into depression because of hopelessness and quitting behavior. People do not find any inspiration to come out from their miserable lives. It is evident because failure is scary. Nobody would want to label himself or herself as a loser. Most of these vulnerable feelings emerge as a result of giving up on yourself.

Sometimes you are afraid of restarting your life from scratch. It takes many efforts, consumes much of your time, and moreover, it takes lots of courage to settle down once more. My advice to people who are giving up on their life is, you owe your life to your loved ones, to the people who genuinely care for you, to the people who are always there for you.

Life always gives you second chance to correct your mistakes and failures, know when to grab the opportunity, learn to forgive yourself, make efforts to do things the right way. If things are not working the way, you are trying then find some other ways to do it. If you are not getting what you deserve in your life, then move on. If your job is not giving satisfaction, then find another option.

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