There are some noticeable differences one can find whether a relationship is in the early stage or has survived several years easily by observing a couple. Their body language, behavior, talk, lifestyle, and way of reacting to things can be predictable. If you are in a new relationship, then you behave in specific ways, but when you have already spent a few years in the relationship, then the same situations or circumstances may seem different. Here are the ultimate revelations of the new relationship vs. long-term relationship.

1. The PDA

When you are in a new relationship, all you do is to find opportunities to spend time with your partner. You go out for dinner, watch movies, shopping, and roam around the city. In short, there are so many events that you both are together in public places, but that doesn’t bother you much. Showing affection to your partner like giving a hug or kiss or holding hands becomes normal for you.

The same things, when you’re in a long-term relationship such as marriage or live-in, are not so frequent. You both seem comfortable however you are or whatever you are doing. You spend much time under one roof with each other that you don’t feel like showing the PDA more often.

2. The dressing

In a new relationship, you care about your looks a lot. You love to get admired and adored by your partner so, you want to dress yourself the best. Sometimes you don’t even care about your comfort because after all, you want to look good in front of your mate.

In a long-term relationship, dressing up becomes very casual. You wear your comfy yet decent clothes instead of fancy and glittering ones. You both have spent enough amount of time with each other that it doesn’t matter how you dress and what you dress. You have seen each other with pajamas and party wear, the best and the worst both.

3. Dating

In a new relationship, you wait for the next date eagerly. You plan the date, make the arrangements, and get involved in it from top to toe. You love spending time and money with your partner. You try to make it very special without thinking about how much you have to pay.

On the other hand, when you are in a long-term relationship, going on a date becomes less. You are more focused on how much it will cost. You choose to spend time at home instead of going out. Dating is not a part of your life anymore. The more you spend time, the more you realize that dating your partner is no more necessary.

4. Communication

In a new relationship, your texts and calls mostly contain the mushy language. You send emojis and talk emojis. Sometimes even speak musically. Sending and receiving romantic songs and videos are your daily routine. If you talk about calls, texts, and video calls, then you know that you spend most of your time checking your phone. You respond and wait for the messages.

While you are in a long-term relationship, your communication style changes drastically. You call your partner only for an emergency, you text to remind something. Those “love you” and “miss you” are history. Forget about video calls, those 1-2 hours long calls have become 1-2 minutes calls.

5. Curiosity

Every new relationship starts with curiosity. You are curious to know everything about your mate. You want to know their likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, turn on and turn off everything. That’s the reason new couples talk a lot, spend time with each other more, and ask many questions. The curiosity makes them stick to each other.

In case, you are in a long-term relationship and have spent a few years with each other then you might not be that curious for each other. You might already know about the likes and dislikes of your partner, so you don’t feel the excitement for anything. You stay with each other because of companionship and longing for each other but not out of curiosity.

6. Sex

When you are new in a relationship, you try all the new dimensions of sex. New techniques, new positions, new places, almost every new thing you want to work with your partner. Even those unhygienic places do not bother you. Not only sex but cuddling, playing and sleeping in the same bed become very exciting and fun.

In the long-term relationship, you enjoy sex but not the same way you used to do. It becomes more about comfort and place. You mostly prefer bed instead of other areas. You take care of the cleanliness and space more. Sometimes you don’t hesitate to say NO too.

7. Fights

If you are new in a relationship, your fights usually end with, “I am sorry” or “It was my fault” or “I will never fight with you” or “Let’s not fight on such stupid things again” and so on. Sometimes fights even end up in a steamy romance too. Your fights don’t last long. You forgive more because you keep your ego aside.

In a long-term relationship, you often hear these statements, “It was your fault,” “You always pick up fights,” “I won’t forgive you for this,” “You should say sorry,” and so on. Fights can go on for many days and months and years even. Your ego doesn’t let you forgive your partner. There is no chance of romance after the fight as you both need some time to calm down.

8. Habits

You accept all the patterns when you are new in a relationship. Though some habits are annoying, you tend to avoid it easily. The chances are you also enjoy with them to make them feel better. It is even possible that initially, you don’t know all of their habits whether good or bad, so you are most likely to ignore a few things as well.

You are aware of the habits your partner possesses if you are in a long-term relationship. You keep arguing with them or tell them to change the habits that are bothering you. You are now open to show your true self too. It’s no shame to fart, burp or yawn in front of your partner. You feel no harm if you don’t shower a day or two.

9. Possessiveness

The initial time of any relationship is too delicate to handle due to possessiveness. You can’t stand some random guy or girl giving a friendly smile to your partner. It can immediately awaken the waves of doubts in your mind because you feel possessive for your partner. You don’t want anyone nearby your partner except you especially the similar gender as you. You want to grab each bite of your partner’s attention.

The possessiveness fades with the time. The long-term relationship mostly does not have the possessiveness. You have built up the trust and loyalty towards your mate which make you doubt them less. You don’t mind if random someone smiles at your partner. The more you stay with each other, the more your possessiveness take a step back.

10. Trust

You have to work more on building the trust with each other because a little you know about each other. Perhaps, you become doubtful more often. You keep your eyes on your partner all the time. You might even check their social media profiles now and then. You check their status, profile picture, and check-in all the time. It’s like you almost stalk them maybe because you need a strong reason to trust them.

If you have survived three years of your relationship then most likely you trust each other. You know all of the appointments and schedules of each other. You know about their friends, get-togethers, and meetings. You believe each other such that you don’t bother if they don’t pick your call at first or don’t reply to your text. Building trust requires time and efforts.

You know the differences between a new relationship and long-term relationship now. Do you relate to them? Do you have something to add? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below or email us at We appreciate your feedback.