Staying positive means waiting for a rainbow after every rain. We all face problems in life, sometimes too difficult to deal. In such situation, anyone can drown into the darkness of negativity. To keep ourselves from those difficulties and survive through the tough times, we need to stay positive. Read these five powerful tips to stay positive in life with a realistic approach that will surely help you.

While going through situations like job loss, breakup, divorce, family disputes, failure in the business, failing exams, trying to move on from a long-term relationship can be upsetting. At such times if someone gives us advice on staying positive, then we would not like to listen to them. The reason is, we are sad and often hopeless during those times. But I believe that every dark cloud has a silver lining.

I would like to share some powerful tips to stay positive in life which I practice myself.

1. Calm Down – Breathe – Compose Yourself

It is necessary for us to calm ourselves first. Because when we’re going through the difficulties, our thoughts get scattered. We feel surrounded by so much “whys” unanswered. At that time we need to divert our minds from such questions and remember that everything happens for a reason.


2. Distance Yourself From Reminders

If you have anyone or anything related to those unlikely situations it is advisable to maintain a distance from them for a while. The more we keep in touch with those reminders the more it gets harder to overcome our problems. I had distanced myself from all familiar friends between me and my ex when we broke up after four years of relationship. It gave me some time to myself, and I could start a fresh life without my ex.


3. Surround Yourself With Positivity

Stay in the company of people who can lift your spirit up, who can encourage you. We need to cut down spending time with negative people because they would take us more down rather than helping us coming out it. It is essential to find those people and avoid talking to them about additional topics and discussions. It will not only lessen negativities but also open the gates of positivity in our lives.

4. Avoid Lengthy Meditation On The Past

We need to train our brains to stop thinking about the past too much. It is good to remember the lessons we’ve learned from the past mistakes or failures but no need to chew the whole incidents again and again. Just remember what they’ve taught us and that’s it. The past cannot be undone so leave it there only. Try to overcome fears which are not real.

5. Take Care Of Your Health

By exercising regularly, we can not only become physically healthy but emotionally healthy too. Our emotions create a high impact on our overall health. That’s why we also need to take care of our emotional well being. To be emotionally healthy, wear a smile every day, show gratitude to people, help someone. Sometimes small gestures that we show to others make a big difference in our lives as well as in others’ lives too. Be happy in life.

There are hundreds of things that will take you down every day but tell yourself there are thousands of other things that will pull you up. Things change when you start believing in yourself.

Life is tough but show life that you’re the toughest.