You think everything is going so good so far and suddenly why he is backing out. There are particular reasons why guys run away from a meaningful relationship. Some guys are very secretive; some are afraid to show what they feel, some don’t care, some care but don’t speak up. Any of the reasons can be right and you would still wonder why? You keep asking yourself why he is running away from you, what could be the reasons why he is running away from you. When you try to confront him, he will give you vague answers or no answer at all.

Let’s dig deeper and find out reasons why he is running away from you.

You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

If you are a highly sensitive person, then chances are you are overloading him with all your emotional outbursts. You want to tell him each and everything you feel whether it is about your girlfriends or family or the circumstances or anything at the workplace. Anything that is bothering, you keep telling him. But my dear girl you don’t have to. He doesn’t want to and probably doesn’t need to know each and everything that is going on in your life. Don’t make him feel like he is your emotion dumping station. Guys do not handle emotions that well. They do understand sometimes but not always.

You Are Trying To Control Everything

When he fails to do something you come in front and take control of it even when you shouldn’t. In this case, you are trying to tell him that you are a control-freak. You try to dictate to him what to do and how to do. You always feel the urge to jump into almost anything and then make it correct because maybe you are thinking you are helping him. But actually, you are not. Help when you are asked to help. Guys love to do things with their pace and time. They know that they will complete the task as and when they want to. So let them take their time, at least give them a chance to prove it. Right?

You Are A Mother To Him

You keep worrying about him, from whether he is eating correctly or not till he reaches home safely. You choose clothes for him, make his favorite dish now and then, tell him to drive safely, and the worst thing telling him not to keep certain types of friends. He doesn’t need another mother. It is natural to be concerned about your guy, but you don’t have to overdo it. Give him space to take care of himself and do things on his own because he loves his independence.

You Are Available Always And Easily

You think you have only one job is to answer his call and reply to his text as and when your phone beeps. In fact, you make yourself so available that whenever he makes a plan for going out you cancel all your prior appointments and go with him. All you think is about him. Are you trying to show him that he is important to you? I don’t think that way he will understand. Making yourself available always and every time only telling him that he can take you for granted. He will start expecting you to run to him whenever he wants. In case, you fail to do that then he can cut you off. So beware of making yourself so available to your guy.

You Are Too Possessive

Possessiveness, at a certain level, is essential and necessary for any romantic relationship. It assures you that your partner does feel some rights on you. But if the possessiveness is so high that you want to check his phone every time, there is a message, or you stalk him on the social media and confront him if he likes or comments on another girl’s picture. You keep asking him about any girl he even looks. All you give him is your doubts. That shows your over-possessiveness, and he feels threatened by you. He will keep hiding things from you more and one day leaving just like that.

You Are Brutally Honest

There is a difference between being honest and being “brutally” honest. You’re an extremist with your honesty. If he asks your opinion about something, you give him an answer that he doesn’t want to listen. Flattery is not in your nature. So when he comes clean shave, with a new look or buys a new car, you tell him the truth that you never liked his clean shaved look and the car color is off. It is good that you’re truthful, but for him, his choices are the best, so he doesn’t expect any criticism especially from you.

You Are A Princess

You are always number one for yourself. You want to get adored, praised and pampered. You want your prince charming to always shower you with gifts and compliments. You want him to save you from the dangers and problems of your life. In short, you want him to be on your side no matter what. You are probably exhausting him with your high expectations and demands. You forget that poor guy is undoubtedly your knight in shining armor but a human too. Don’t be so demanding, lady.

Sometimes we are so occupied with ourselves that we forget our partner also has some limitations. They love us, care for us and be with us, but we shouldn’t take this as a luxury. Always put your leg in his shoes and think what you would have done if you were at his place. Try to think of his side of the story as well.

To make a relationship successful, treat your partner the same way you want to get treated then only it’ll work.

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