When you like someone dearly, you often try to catch their attention. You enjoy being admired and praised. You love to hear the compliments from the one whom you love. So in the process of getting the likes and admiration, you forget that you are only trying to impress the people by your looks. But looks do not last for long. Outer beauty may fade away one day, and the person might not give the compliments now and then. Or they might not even notice you that way. All you feel is disappointment and frustration. There are reasons why you should seek respect not attention in a relationship.

Nowadays people are all about social media. We all want to post pictures and videos of our personal lives to show the world how amazing our lives are. We all try to get the maximum likes and comments on our daily updates. And this is all because we seek attention from everyone. That’s not life, right? In reality, we are different from our social media profiles. We have real problems, real situations and real people around us. It is best to understand that attention is temporary, but respect is for the lifetime.


It lasts longer

Any relationship that is built with respect has a guarantee of lasting longer. If you are looking for a long-term relationship then always seek for the respect. The person should give you the respect that you deserve. Your thoughts, your likes, and dislikes, your opinions and your overall personality will be accepted if the person respects you.


It gives you the place that you deserve

When you are appreciated, it is going to secure your place in your relationship. Without gaining respect, you struggle with where you stand in your loved one’s life. You will always feel that you have to fight for your position and priority in their lives. But when you have the respect, you don’t need to bother about any of those things because the person will put you in a place where you belong.


It makes love stronger

Respect is one thing which helps you make your love stronger. The reason is simple when you have gained the respect in your relationship there are fewer chances of losing that respect unless you mess the things up. The person will be drawn towards you more and more to love you every day. Chances are you are going to get more respect and more love at the same time.


It will make you happy, genuinely happy

You will be genuinely happy if you are respected. The happiness comes from the inside because people will be able to understand you from the person who you are from inside. Respect is above all materialistic things; it is more profound than the outer layer. Grabbing someone’s attention will give you temporary happiness until someone’s eyes are on you. But respect has a longer lifespan than the attention. Thus it will make you happier for a longer time.

Seeking respect is the right thing to do. It builds the trust. You won’t have to crave attention once you get the respect. People will remember you for who you are and not what you are trying to become.

Do not live for temporary boost ups. Live for the long lasting encouragements. Only respect will give you that.