One day she gives you hints that she is into you and the next day you feel the opposite. She says something but does something else. You are confused about her feelings towards you, and you are eagerly waiting to tell her those three precious words. But not sure of whether she is interested in you or not. Do not worry there are some sure signs she is interested in you and you can figure out yourself.

Women are sensitive and emotional beings as compared to men. They need a lot of time and attention before accepting a long-term relationship. Even though she is a strong woman herself, she seeks a reliable man in her life. Following signs she is interested in you, apply to all categories of women.

She Talks To You

Any woman whether she is introvert or extrovert, talkative or non-talkative, will make time to talk to you if she is interested in you. Not just talking, she will talk about anything and everything. You might think that she considers you her best friend. If she feels comfortable with you, knows that you are going to listen to her no matter what then she feels secure being with you. A woman often longs for security with a man. Her feelings matter a lot to her and she wants the guy to respect the same. If she can talk to you about her deep feelings and her desires easily then this is one of the sure signs she is interested in you.


She Initiates Conversation

A woman, in general, does not start the conversation with a guy. But if she does then, she is thinking about you. Initiating the communication is a huge and definite sign that the girl/woman is into you. She enjoys your company, and she likes to spend time with you. She does not mind coming forward to talk to you. You have taken a special place in her mind. Thus it pulls her towards you.


She Texts And Calls You

You might be thinking that texting or calling is nothing but it is one of the signs she likes you. Girls/women love chit chatting a lot. Remember one thing if she waits for your message or call and replies you in few seconds it means you are her guy. She gives you that much importance in her life and keeps you up on her priority list. Women usually do not reply or call back the guy if she is not that interested. She would rather ignore so that you don’t get the wrong signal. But if she wants you to know that she is excited and available, then she will make sure that she replies you first.


She Has A Special Body Language

She won’t be able to hide her body language if she is interested in you. Body language like making the eye contact, trying to touch you, coming closer to you, searching for you when you are not around. She enjoys laughing with you. You will notice that she grooms herself the way you like. Whenever you both are together, she will stare at you and look directly into your eyes. Her focus will only be you. Even when you are in a group or a crowd, you will find that she is looking at you more often. You have to understand the unique gaze that she has reserved only for you.

She Is Open About Her Relationship With You

It is a huge sign she is interested in you. Women/Girls are choosy about with whom they want to be seen or linked. She will not be hesitant if someone talks about her relationship with you. You know that you have reserved a special place in her life. Woman hides any relationship she is not sure. So if you notice that she is not hiding her relationship with you, then she is confident about you. You may even come to know that she talks about you with her girlfriends.


She Asks You Personal Things

If a girl/woman is not interested in a guy, she will never be bothered with what he does in his free time or what his parents are doing or how he is managing his job. When a girl shows curiosity in your personal life, means she wants to know you more. She wants to understand how you are as a human being. That shows she is interested in you and everything related to you. She will ask you about your likes and dislikes on a very personal level, and that is one of the sure signs she likes you.


She Never Avoids You

No matter what she will never avoid you. If you notice that she is making herself available for you whenever you need her, then it is because she wants to be with you. It may even feel like she is just nice to you. But look for the consistency. She will not avoid you a single time. She will keep replying to your messages; answer your calls and will be there for you.

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