Editor’s Note:

The story is real. And the writer has requested us to keep her name anonymous. We respect her privacy. Thus the names are replaced here.

I am Jennifer. I have a beautiful family, a husband, and a two-year-old son. It’s been three years since when I was standing on the most challenging crossroads of my life. I had to take one of the toughest decisions of my life where I could see no option but to end my life and leave from the mess. But I believe that there is someone somewhere who shows us a right path at the right time. Due to that one decision, I could have either ruined three lives or lost my own life. Here’s my story.


At a very young age, I lost my parents in a car accident. I had nobody except a grandfather who was very sick and couldn’t afford to bring me up. He contacted all my relatives who could take me to their home and raise me. But there was none who said yes. I was shattered. I didn’t know what and how my future will be if I don’t get anybody to take care of me.


The Turning Point

Later in the evening, somebody knocked at the door on my grandfather’s house. There was a lady whom I have never seen before. She asked to come in and wanted to talk to my grandfather. I allowed her in. She introduced herself as a business owner where my father was working. According to her, my father was a loyal employee to her, and she came to know about me from her company’s employees.


She talked to my grandfather how my father had been serving faithfully in her company and how grateful she was to my father. And because of my father’s reputation, she wanted to adopt me. It was astounding and shocking to my grandfather and me. She convinced us that she would take care of me like her daughter. My grandfather had no option than to accept her offer.


That lady, Juliana Cox, took me to her house. She had a son named, Antony. He was also my age. Juliana had lost her husband and was now running his business. She became successful similarly like her husband. She was an active, enthusiastic and kind lady I have ever met in my life. As promised to my grandfather, she took care of me like her daughter. I never lacked anything in that house except for missing my parents.


The First Crossroad

One day, we all were having lunch on a Sunday afternoon when Juliana suddenly collapsed. We rushed her to the hospital. She was admitted and got unconscious for almost 8 hours. Antony and I were waiting for the doctors to give us some good news. After waiting for so long, finally, the doctor allowed us to meet her. The doctor warned us not to say anything that could hurt her or else she might get paralyzed. We had to be very careful with our words and actions. When we went inside the room, the first thing she told us was, “Both of you get married. It is my last wish.”


I was shocked! I knew I was not able to fulfill her last wish, but Juliana had given me a second life, and I owe her everything. She was the one who had done everything that my relatives couldn’t have done. When nobody was ready to hold my hand, she took me with her and gave me all the happiness. She provided me with clothes, shared her house, paid for my education, and everything that my parents would have done for me. How can I deny her wish! How I will tell her the truth about my life! I was in a big dilemma.


One Solution

Antony saw my face and understood what was going in my mind. He took me out of the room and asked me why didn’t I deny his mother’s request. Antony knew that I was in love with Josh since my college days. I trust Antony as he was the only companion I had since childhood. I told him that I owe everything to Juliana and thus I couldn’t deny her only wish. Antony asked me to talk to Josh about all this and also assured me that whatever we two will decide will be the final decision. He will try to convince his mother for me.


I didn’t know how will I talk to Josh and what will I tell him. I went to him and told him everything about Juliana and Antony. We mutually decided that I get married to Antony, and when Juliana recovers, I will tell her the truth and take divorce with Antony. I said this decision to Antony, and he agreed. So, Antony and I got married to fulfill Juliana’s wish.


Juliana started recovering and six months later when doctors examined her she was fully recovered. I was so happy that she was doing fine and finally, I could tell her the truth. I said this news to Josh hoping he would be happy too. But ironically he was not happy at all. He asked me to talk to Juliana right away and get divorced from Antony. I convinced him that as soon as I get a chance, Antony and I will speak to her.


After discussing with Antony, we both decided to talk to Juliana. We both went to her room and before we could tell her anything she asked us a question, “Do you guys love each other?” Without any second thought, I told her, “Yes mom, we do.” She said, “Where is my grandchild? You have to give me my grandchild or else I will stop eating.” I was again at the crossroads. I didn’t know what to do. Should I tell her the truth? What if the truth still gives her a trauma and she might die.


Final Call

One side I was married to a guy who has been supporting me and never asked for anything in return. On the other hand, I was in love with a guy who was patient and waiting for me for long. And lastly, there was a lady who had given me my life whom I owe everything I have. All three of them were the most important people in my life. I knew I am going to hurt any one of them with my single decision. I thought it would be better if I end my life because that’s when all this mess will be finished. But then I made up my mind and took one final decision to come out of all this.


I broke up with Josh. Josh was the love of my life, but he was a practical person. He was settled and mature. He was able to find another life partner for himself. So I called off all the relations with him that day.


Today, I am living with my husband Antony and my two-year-old son Aaron. I came to know that Antony was in love with me for a long time even after knowing everything about Josh. He told me that he never stopped loving me for a single moment. He confessed everything to me when I told him about my break up with Josh. I think I am the luckiest person as I got a mother like Juliana and a husband like Antony.


I believe that only one decision is enough to either ruin your life or fulfill your life. If I would have decided to go with Josh, then I might have ruined Juliana, Antony, and my life. I wouldn’t be happy hurting them. A year ago I came to know about Josh’ marriage from a familiar friend, so I am so glad for him.