Before looking for the warning signs you’re dealing with a control freak, take this control freak test below.

  • Do you always feel that someone’s observing you every moment of the day?
  • Is that someone in your life by whom you always feel intimidated?
  • Are you getting unwanted bits of advice now and then?
  • Do you always think about what that person will react if you do something?
  • Do that person always nag you and try to correct your actions?
  • Lastly, have you started feeling that you’re “good for nothing”?

If you have answered “yes” to most of the above questions then surely these are the signs you’re dealing with a control freak.

When I searched the definition of “Control Freak,” I found this, “a person who feels an obsessive need to exercise control over themselves and others and to take command of any situation.” A control freak person knowingly or unknowingly becomes the supervisor of everything they feel theirs, whether it is a person or a thing. They can go up to any limit to change everything about them they think that is not according to their standards. In their opinion, they’re helping people, but in reality, they’re not.

A control freak person is often passive-aggressive, angry and anxious about everything. Even if some situations or circumstances are way beyond their control, they still have an urge to control them and thus end up feeling anxious and stressed out. Sometimes it not only affects them but everyone who is close to them.

With my personal experiences with such control freak persons and also with some research I’ve figured out the following signs you’re dealing with a control freak.


They will ALWAYS try to correct you

Some useful remarks about our way of doing things are necessary, but if someone is always telling you how to do something, then it’s not acceptable. It seems like you’re under constant observation of someone. That person will watch everything you do and try to correct you as if you can’t do things your way.


They keep grudges

A control freak person wants to see the things however they want to if you’re not following their dictation then they’ll remember it for whole life. God forbid if things didn’t do well with your way of doing then they’ll remind you of your failures now and then. They’ll not stop at it, but they’ll make sure to insult you in public as well.


They NEVER accept their faults and failures

A control freak person remembers and reminds you of your mistakes and failures as much as he/she can but will never admit when he/she is wrong. They’ll have a list of excuses when things go wrong, but it’s never their fault. They think of themselves as perfectionists. The truth is they have some (often) unrealistic expectations from others like other people will have to understand their situation if they fail.


They’re judgmental and critics

They have their own set of rules and standards. They can come to any conclusion if you do not fit into those standards. They’ll even criticize you for not playing according to their rules. They’ll judge you for all the wrong reasons in the world.


They don’t have meaningful relationships

Because of this controlling attitude, people maintain distance from them. They don’t have close relationships with people other than family. People never like unnecessary and unwanted advice or don’t appreciate nagging. It becomes difficult for them to have a healthy conversation with anyone. When communication lacks, the relationship doesn’t survive long.


If the above points help you understand a control freak person characteristic, then it’s time to do something about it. If that control freak person is your close relative or your partner, then you can have a chat with them and tell them the things bother you about their behavior. So that your everyday struggle will be over and you can find a way to live happily together.


Controlling someone can give you temporary satisfaction, but you’ll lose them forever.