Happiness or being happy or find ways how to be happy is the ultimate need of any human in this world. We all want to see ourselves happy at the end of the day. Whatever we do, wherever we are or however we are, we want to be satisfied. According to my research and personal experiences with the surrounding people, I concluded that if a person is satisfied he/she will be happy. Be it physical, emotional, spiritual, financial or mental satisfaction or be it overall satisfaction. Let me show you eight practical ways how to be happy in life.

If you give food to the hungry, you’ll see the happiness on their faces. If a crying person finds a shoulder to cry then, it’ll make them satisfied with their emotional needs and ultimately leads to happiness later on. When a poor man earns enough to feed his children, then he’ll be happy for that day. In all, happiness is relevant to the satisfaction of the person or how satisfied the person is.

All our lives we run after things from time to time, whether it’s money or career or love or job. We’re always chasing something, and meanwhile, we forget to live our lives. We forget to enjoy experiences as we need to fulfill the duties of everyday lives, because of the responsibilities. However, there is a silver lining on every dark cloud. There are so many things we can do to achieve our goals and simultaneously keep ourselves happy because,


A happy you will make others happy too. Spread happiness, not sorrows.


The question is, how to be happy? The answer is, it starts with you. No, it’s not selfish. Sometimes we have to put our needs and requirement at the top, and there’s nothing wrong in that. So first thing’s first, keep yourself happy.

I have few things on how to be happy, and I call it Project Happiness. Let’s dive into that.

1 – Find out the WHAT makes you happy

It is an essential point we all have to think. What are the things that can make you happy? List them out. For me, spending time with my loved ones always makes me happy no matter what.

I have a terrible day, failed in something, recovering from a breakup, or anything that is not going right in my life I would spend my time with my loved ones especially with my family and be with them always makes me happy. Truly happy.


2 – Lower the expectations

Expectations are the exact opposite of happiness. They have the power to kill our joy. We don’t realize this fact until we lost our peace of mind. Higher expectations often lead to disappointments and disappointments gradually take away our happiness.

We should always expect the things being realistic and being practical. Of course, hoping the right stuff at some decent level is not at all bad because that can keep us hopeful about the future. My motto in life is, lesser the expectations higher the happiness.


3 – Focus on doing right not perfect

Sometimes we want to do particular things in a specific manner, and we even expect others to follow the same things as us. However, we don’t realize that each person is different and have their unique way of doing things. So expecting perfection from others always makes us frustrated and furious.

It’s better to avoid demanding such things from people. If we let them do it their way, we may find something new or something different or sometimes better. Ultimately doing something right is more important than doing it with perfection. It will save us much time just by changing our angle of looking at things.


4 – Understand that everything happens for a reason

As a human being, we want to know the reason behind each and everything happening around us right away. However, patience is the key. Let the things flow at their own pace and time. Right things will come out at the right time because there is always a reason behind it.


5 – Throw away those negative emotions out of the window

Anger and grudges are the negative emotions we human consume within us that works as poison in our lives. They’re the sucker of our health, wealth, and happiness. We need to get rid of those emotions as soon as possible. Developing anger management skills can be beneficial to overcome this negative emotion.

Sometimes we’re so much hurt by people that make us angry on them, or we keep grudges for their harmful acts. I too find it difficult when I have to face people who have hurt me very badly at some point in time. One thing I have developed within myself is to ignore them completely like they don’t exist for me at all.

That way, I was not only able to free myself from the grudges, but I could also manage my anger. Remember that there are other ways too to fight those negativities but choosing this way I got a long-term benefit for myself.


6 – Exercise and Meditation

Exercise will not only give you a good shape, but it’ll also make you feel good on the physical level as well as on a mental level too. It is hard to become determined about exercising regularly, but once you get used to of it, you’ll enjoy it.

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym and lose/gain some extra pounds. There are many things like going for a walk, do some yoga, cycling, shaking legs on Zumba or merely dancing anything which includes physical activities and still enjoyable whereas meditation provides peace to the mind. A peaceful mind absorbs happiness easily.


7 – Show gratitude towards people

In today’s world, we overlook the importance of showing appreciation towards people, sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes don’t feel like revealing it. However, appreciating someone for a tiny thing will not only bring a smile on their face but ours too. We long for appreciation, and it makes us feel that our work is not going unnoticed.

If that can make us happy, then it can make others happy too. It’s an excellent habit to show our gratitude for little things in our daily lives. It causes us nothing to be thankful for something.


8 – Keep no regrets

We regret many things in our lives, for example, having a breakup, wasting time with wrong people, not taking care of our health, buying unnecessary products and many such things as those. These things we can cover up if we understand what went wrong. Mistakes can happen, everyone makes mistakes, in fact, mistakes teach us some necessary lessons in our lives.

I have made many mistakes in my life, and the biggest mistake was to trust the wrong people even when they proved they don’t deserve to be in my life. I regretted having any relationship with them, but eventually, I learned there is no point keeping regrets because it only hurts me every time I think about it. Thus I started counting it as a lesson, anytime I put my trust in people I remind myself what should I take care. I feel much better.

There are no hard and fast rules about living a life. Yes, there are specific standards to follow to live a great and inspirational life but living a happy life is all we need. The best thing about being happy is, we can keep others happy and sometimes we can help them be happy. Spread smiles, not sorrows.