Loneliness is something that can shut your mind and makes you vulnerable to do injustice to yourself. Because of that, you may drag yourself in the wrong direction. You even force yourself to believe the unnecessary things like you need someone in your life. It happens when you don’t have that someone special in your life.

You long for love, and this longing is so intense and loud that you become desperate to fall in love. Sometimes so desperate that anyone who comes into your life you think of them as your prospects. But it is wrong. I am going to give you some thought-provoking reasons why falling in love is a bad idea when you’re lonely.

Mother Teresa Quote On Love
Mother Teresa Quote On Love

If you are lonely, it is likely to believe that you are seeking a romantic relationship. You see that your friends and family members are so happy with their partners. They are enjoying romantic dates, going on vacations, spending time with each other, giving and taking gifts, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, having children.

But you are still single and waiting for Mr/Ms. Right. That is frustrating; waiting is always disappointing. But believe me, you don’t have to accept anything less than you deserve just because you feel lonely.

Following are the reasons why you should not fall in love when you’re lonely.


1. You will end up regretting if the relationship does not work

In the race of falling in love with someone, you take hasty decisions. Hasty decisions are always wrong and end in misery especially when it is about the relationships. You often overlook the other side of the person in a hurry to get involved with him/her.

The desperation keeps you from looking at the person’s actions closely. You think that this might be changed but it won’t. People do not change when they see your desperation. And in the end, you suffer heartbreak because one wrong decision can give you lifelong wounds.


2. You will always feel that you have compromised

When you choose to fall in love with someone out of loneliness, then chances are you still think that you have compromised with your choice. That might happen, and you believe that falling in love is a bad idea. You feel that you have to grab him/her else you will lose the chance to be in a relationship.

Thus you don’t realize that you are compromising with the attributes you’re looking for in your partner. Everyone has to compromise something or the other things in a relationship, but it is worth compromising when you are happy with your choices.


3. Your partner will never become what you have dreamed about

If you’re trying to change your partner according to your wish list, then it will never happen. You already knew what type of dream man/woman you wanted, but you have not given importance to that wish at that time. You have tried to convince yourself something else by ignoring your emotional needs in the first place.

So you will keep telling your partner to do something or behave in specific ways or act in a particular manner. That will make your partner feel bad and gradually understand that they don’t fit into your life.


4. You will feel guilty for not waiting for the right time

Once you dive into any relationship when you’re lonely, you don’t want to hear your instincts. Yes, the most important thing we always choose to avoid. We avoid listening to our hearts at the time we are vulnerable because of loneliness.

When we start feeling dissatisfied and disappointed with the choice we have made, we become guilty of ourselves. At that time we have nothing left but to regret not waiting for the right time and the right person.


It is a well-known saying that “Fall in love when you’re ready and not you’re lonely.” Listen to your heart, pay attention to your needs, talk to yourself before falling in love. I am not saying that falling in love should be a well-calculated move, but it shouldn’t be out of desperation and frustration of loneliness at the same time.

Before falling in love with someone fall in love with yourself. That’s the correct way to understand and cherish the love.