All women in the world have this powerful instinct that tells them when something is not right. But they choose to ignore it until they finally give up to continue a relationship. If you are also feeling the same, then you must know these reasons why you should walk away from him. It is sad, frustrating and confusing all at the same time.

You start feeling that he is not worthy of your time and energy, but you love him too. And you need some strong reasons before you walk away. I am telling you, the time you thought that he is not worthy of your time is the definite reason you should walk away. Because I know as a woman it is difficult to convince ourselves that this is the end.

You have spent hours to think about giving him one more chance. But all you find is nothing. He doesn’t deserve the place in your life because of his behavior. Your beautiful relationship has turned a toxic relationship. You are hurt, and he is not even bothered about it.

Below are some reasons why you should walk away from him.


1. He Lies A Lot

Sometimes lying about something can save us from misery but when lying becomes a routine, then it is unacceptable and unhealthy for any relationship. You know the truth, but he tries to hide it every time you confront him then he is hiding something more prominent than it seems. So it is time to walk away from him.

2. He Is Afraid To Be With You In Public

When you two are together, he always tries to show people that you both are just friends but when you are alone, he is all into you. His loving and affectionate side only comes out when you guys are not in public. He tries to be reasonable by telling you that he is taking things slowly. But that’s not the case; he is still looking for other girls.


3. He Never Texts You First

It is one thing that any guy would do it if he is seriously into a relationship. But it is always you who texts him first. You initiate the conversation always and every time. And in return, all you get is a lot of excuses like he was busy, he didn’t have his phone charged, he was out of network coverage area, he was in an important meeting, etc. These reasons sometimes might be real, but every time he gives you one of these then know that he is not your guy. Walk away.


4. He Talks According To His Convenience

You always make time for someone you love. So if the guy is talking when he is in mood or according to his convenience then surely he is not a keeper. It shows that you are an option for him and not his priority. He is trying to keep you only to remove his boredom. Please save your self-respect and walk away from him.


5. He Doesn’t Talk About You With His Friends

You barely know his friends, and his friends barely know about you. After spending some reasonable amount of time with him, you deserve to know who are his friends. But if he is not open about it, he is making sure that your relationship remains a secret, especially in his friend circle. When your friends know about your relationship then it is sure that you’re serious and that’s what he doesn’t want. He is not ready for a serious relationship with you.


6. He Only Wants To Be Physical

He talks poetic, compliments you about your physical appearance, tells you how sexy you look in a certain dress, and that’s all. He doesn’t communicate about other important stuff like how far he wants to go with you in this relationship. He is always about physical intimacy. If things always turn towards physical relationships, then it is clear that that’s all he wants. You are his need, not a mate. You should immediately walk away if you find yourself in this situation.

Remember one thing, that if a guy is sure of a relationship, he will put his efforts to keep you. No circumstances or situations can make him do otherwise. He will make you a priority not only by words but will show you that with his actions. So if your guy is showing any or all of the above behavior, my advice would be, walk away from him. He is wasting your time.

Walk away from any relationship where you have to fight for your self-respect. If you’re not respected there is no reason to stay.

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