What is love? The technical definition of love is “A strong feeling of affection”. But do we google it before falling in love? No, because it is a feeling that naturally comes to us. And why to define it when we can actually feel it. Let’s see what are the different forms of love that we all feel.

Love- the most fascinated and excited word for all the generations so far. Sometimes the most hated word also. From the little baby to the aged person have experienced and expressed this feeling very easily.

If you are thinking that this is about men-women love relationship then you will be disappointed to read. Because the love I am writing here is about all the forms of love that we experience and never give a thought about it. It is for all of us in general term who felt and share their love openly.

Love is not supposed to use for two opposite genders to express their feelings. It is so much more than that.

Love is when…

Holding a baby in our arms for the first time and he/she smiles at us or giggle and hold us even tighter that is love.

When someone scolds us for not taking care of ourselves.

Someone immediately comes to help us when we need them.

When we take care of an elderly person like giving them their medicines, reading them a book, helping them in garden etc,

Giving surprise gifts to our parents to see their happy faces.

When we tease our loved ones to the edge of their frowning faces or even not talking to us for a while.

Forgiving our siblings or parents for hurting us.

When we listen to some elderly person’s life story or funny incidents. Though we find it boring sometimes but still we listen because that makes them happy. And that my friend, is love.

Giving some needy person food. And watch the happiness that gives us the satisfaction that is love.

When sitting with someone with whom we are comfortable and not communicating at all. Just sharing our silence.

Sharing our deepest and darkest secrets with someone whom we trust.

When after returning from the office to our home tired and exhausted we saw our dog or cat happily welcome us. That instant feeling we get is love.

Hugging someone so tight when they feel low.

When someone cries in front of us and we feel the same pain.

When we see our parents loving our children more than us and though we feel slightly jealous of that.

After ending a verbal fight, we again fight for whose fault was that. The sweet fight is love.

Giving a meaningful and useful gift to our loved ones that they needed the most and feel the smiles on their faces.

When we hug someone we missed so much for some days.

Love is everywhere you just have to feel it.

Don’t be sad while waiting for the Mr perfect or Miss perfect. Instead of searching, spread the love which you have inside for each other.

Spread love and happiness. Not hate and sadness.

And you will get 2x more of what you share.