Being an introvert has its challenges that we don’t realize until we understand what it is to be an introvert. People see you as if you’re invisible to them because you are shy and avoid going to social gatherings. You are hesitant about making the first gesture to someone you meet for the first time. Your friends and family always complain that you talk decidedly less, too shy and do not make friends with anyone. Yes, these are the issues introvert persons have to face a lot of time. Sometimes some people even think of them as proud because of their communication inability. Their parents feel ashamed of their introvert nature sometimes. And many introverts go into depression quickly. But I have something constructive for introverts on how to become more social a motivational guide.

You can change anything if you have the willingness to change it. You can overcome all your fears, all you have to do is to become determined about it. Socializing is a good thing. You get to know some like-minded people; you can develop some significant relations, you can make lovely friends. Merely motivate yourself to come out from all the past bad things that have happened to you. Continue reading and find the following benefits of becoming more social even when you are an introvert.

Forget About All The Bad Memories

As kids, we all have some terrible memories. You might have got bullied in the school; maybe your parents are divorced, maybe your siblings are more intelligent than you, maybe your friends were not so faithful to you, perhaps you were abused in childhood. It can be anything which is stopping you from going to places where people get together. Try to forget those things. Bad memories are not easy to forget but for your good, ignore them. You have a great future because you choose to give yourself one more chance. You don’t have to live in the past; you have to move ahead.

By meeting new people, you may create some good memories for yourself. You never know they might help you come out from the past. Bad things that have happened to you do not make you a wrong person. Every saint has a history, and every sinner has a future.

Know That People Are Not That Bad

Sometimes we meet some terrible people in our lives. And those people leave such a severe impact on our lives that we force ourselves to believe that everyone in this world is awful. But that is not true. Not everyone you meet is going to hurt you or take advantage of you. Some people are as good as you too. You have to learn to understand the difference between those wrong people from your past and the people that are good. Do not live with assumptions and let your mind preoccupied with such perceptions that the world is not a right place to live.

Yes, there are people out there who are ready to do good for you. Some people will never hurt you. Some people will support you, help you and keep you happy. Do not be afraid to go out and meet those people.


Do NOT Give Importance To Negative Criticism

Till now, you might have heard that you are so shy and always stay alone and still sit in a corner and other bullshit. Do not give them your ears. Let me tell you; there is nothing wrong with you. Just because you talk less or do not socialize like other extrovert people, doesn’t change the fact that you are a unique and beautiful person. Do not let any negative criticism make you feel bad about yourself.

Negative people and negative criticism are similar to quicksand. They will pull you down even before you know it. Do not let that happen. The best way is to ignore such things literally. I happened to experience a lot of negative people in my life so far, be it at the workplace or family occasions or any functions. Because of my introverted nature, people have misunderstood me so much that now I don’t pay attention to such talks and people both. And I am happy the way I am, but still, I can socialize easily.

Remember That You Are Unique In Your Ways

Everyone is different; everyone has their style, everyone has something different to offer. As an introvert, people might compare you with others. Your parents might have given you examples of other kids saying they are so good at communicating and sociable. You might look at some talkative friends of yours who can mix up quickly with any group of people, and you might think perhaps you are like them.

I think comparing yourself to anyone is like down rating yourself. You are not supposed to be like anyone. Keep your identity intact with whoever, and however, you are. Be yourself, and people will love you for that.

You Can Build Up A Long-term Meaningful Relationship

One fantastic benefit of socializing is you can build up a long-term and meaningful relationship with the right people. We all need support, encouragement, and someone who can believe in us. It doesn’t matter whether we’re successful or unsuccessful, rich or poor. So it is better to create some long-lasting relationships.

Socializing doesn’t always mean some big crowd celebrating something. It can also be expected to have a cup of coffee in the evening with someone of our own. Going on an outing with our friends. Saying kind words to people who are in distress. See, being social is not so hard.

You will regain your confidence once you start socializing. You will come to know the norms of the society better. Moreover, you learn to adjust where you should and where you shouldn’t.

Life becomes easier when you have the right people on your side.