What is an introvert? The basic introvert definition says, a shy and reticent person. An introvert person is the one who doesn’t talk much. You rarely see them at any social events. Forget about the parties; you don’t see them at family gatherings. I happened to be an introvert person myself, and thus I know how it feels to be one.

I want to share some personality traits of an introvert. But first I’d like to tell you how we feel being an introvert or how to know if you are an introvert.

First, the introvert advantage. Being an introvert is not a curse. It’s a blessing. We cannot be fake. We hate fake people. Don’t tell us to come out of our shell. We feel protected and safe there. We will come out if we want to. It’s the most natural thing for us.

Sometimes enjoying the beauty of nature in silence is the best thing in the World. Reading a book or two would be perfect, and while reading, we don’t prefer to be disturbed. We love our “alone time.” In fact, 24×7 is our alone time. 

We Are Not Meant For The Socialization

You may see us at a party, but we have the power to be as invisible as possible, and we master to slip away from the party as well. If we force ourselves to socialize or do something that we are not comfortable with, then it might end up in a disaster. And after that, we need so much time to recover from that disaster we’ve made unintentionally. Like losing breath.

We continuously feel that everyone is watching us and in case, if we do something, stupid everybody will laugh at us. When we go out with people, and we are silent the whole time that means either we are thinking something dire like what am I going to eat next or just we are observing the other people.

We LOVE to do that. Observing people and making a story about them or feel their emotions is like most natural things for us. It takes a hell lot of time to forget something that we said or done in the past that is stupid or embarrassing.


We Can’t Initiate Talk

Starting a conversation is a difficult task for us, but when we find similar interest, we transform ourselves and become talkative. Don’t force to interact with us. We are not proud or arrogant. We are just not comfortable talking to people sometimes. It is tough to explain.

If we try to talk or attempt to participate in the discussion, then we can’t do that. First, we will think about what should I write or speak. Then what if someone thinks I am stupid.


We Have An Unique Eye To Look Things Differently

We have solid imagining abilities or the eye for looking at things in a different way that nobody would watch. We’re a little bit of intuitive too. We become sarcastic at times.

If we are silent, then probably because we are sad or depressed. But we will come out of it naturally and eventually. Give us our time.

Don’t try to give us any threats about any damn thing or we will not be afraid to use our weapons. Either we fight verbally with you, or we might find some indirect ways to put you to shame.


Dating An Introvert

If we find you attractive or have a crush on you, then we will ignore you entirely not because we want you to chase us, but we are cautious about ourselves. We don’t want to make a fool out of ourselves in front of you, especially not you. Even while texting you, we become too much cautious. Thus we ignore you.  Single or in a relationship, it is difficult for us to open up to somebody.

We love doing things alone like going shopping, traveling, eating dinner.  If we find someone boring or fake, know that we can never be friends.

Don’t force us to communicate that will be the worst idea. We may probably stop talking to you. Stop hitting on us. If we don’t find you attractive, we will block you.


Understanding An Introvert

Caution: Things you are not supposed to say or do to an introvert.

Don’t try to understand or lecture us. Accept us for who we are. Don’t judge us. But love us the way we are, without changing us. We never told you to be like us then why should we be like you? Just give us our alone time to recharge, and we will be the happiest person on earth.

And when we are talking nonsense things nonstop, that means we are very nervous. Never I repeat never humiliate us in front of people. That will create a mess in our heads. And we feel the same as an average human feels. We sometimes don’t show it. We pretend to be strong, and sometimes we are in our strongest mind. But at some point, we lose it, and that will create a lot of mess and heartache.

And if some life changing things happen, then it takes double of time to recover.

Adjusting out of our comfort zone is scary for us like going to hell.

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