What does it take to be a strong woman? What are the characteristics that all strong women have in common? To answer the above questions, I have something to write. I belong to a culture where women are not treated equally. I belong to a family where male persons are only decision makers and superiors. My mother happened to be an independent woman herself had to follow the instructions of my father, and that didn’t make any difference to her because she too was raised in such an environment as well. But the idea of obeying someone without uttering a word has always bothered me for years. As and when I grew up, I realized that I could be as successful as men and as good decision maker as them. And that’s when I knew that I belong to a strong women category. There are some common personality traits of mentally strong women.

So, when I am writing this article, I am going to keep myself in mind to portray how a strong woman is, or she should be. My life has two phases so far. First phase where I was entirely under the obedience of my father and second phase where I am the in-charge of my life. But still, I am as strong as I passed through both the stages. I want to share the analysis of both of my phases with this article. Here are the few strong women traits, I believe every strong woman will relate.

Strong Women Are Straightforward

Being straightforward comes naturally to us. Twisting and twirling things to make others happy do not appeal to us at all. If we like something, we say it, and if we don’t want something, we can say it too. It makes life easier. Guessing game or assume what’s in our minds set are two things we don’t play. Whatever we feel we convey it right on the face of someone, depending on person to whom we’re talking and on what matter we’re talking. It’s a breath of fresh air when we say it straightforward because it saves time and also future consequences like we’ve already told you so.


Strong Women Are Honest And Loyal In Every Relationship

We believe in honesty and loyalty, to be very specific hard-core honesty and loyalty. That’s what we offer to others as well, and in return, we need the same. If we’re in any relationship and our partner deliberately tries to make us jealous by hanging out with some other woman, we make them free to do so and choose our separate path. “Try to make a girl jealous; she will chase you. Try to make a strong woman jealous, and she’ll replace you.”


Strong Women Make A Good Decision Maker

We have an excellent analytical mind, so before coming to any conclusion, we analyze everything and then make a big move. The analysis is about what happened, what’s happening and what will happen, the sum up of all three creates a final decision. These decisions are permanent. We not only take decisions but we’re not afraid to take their full responsibilities as well. We make decisions on a daily basis or long-term basis, we barely step back because we know what we’re doing.


Strong Women Are Optimistic

We always see every dark cloud with a silver lining. We can face the difficulties and storms with optimism. It doesn’t mean we don’t get upset, or we don’t get hurt, or we don’t cry, and negativity doesn’t affect us, they do but what keeps us going is our attitude towards all those emotions. We feel what we feel, and then we remove it as soon as it starts disturbing our goals. That’s why being strong needs optimism in life.


Strong Women Are Confident

Confidence is like an ornament to us that we wear in daily life. Being confident about our lifestyle, our ambitions, our accomplishments, our thinking and our beliefs make us a better person. We are go-getter once we make our minds on something. We are happy in our skin no matter, big, small, skinny, tiny, and it doesn’t matter. What makes us even more confident is to accept whenever we’re wrong and do our best to resolve those mistakes. We make sure it never happens in the future.


Strong Women Are Realistic And Practical

Many people misunderstand these traits as our ego. Sometimes we have to keep our emotions aside so that we can save ourselves and others from the past failures. We learn from our mistakes and always remember the lesson so that when we encounter another similar problem in life, we can be cautious. Instead of getting led by emotions we prefer to take practical decisions whenever required. I’m not saying being emotional is a bad thing but being driven by emotions is not good once we’ve already known the consequences. So when a strong woman doesn’t allow anyone to distract her from her goal, people often consider as her ego, but it’s not.


Strong Women Know The Deal

A mentally strong woman doesn’t get entertained only by words. She needs actions. We believe “actions speak louder than words.” If someone says they’ll do something, then she will patiently wait for it and once fails to do she’ll never put her trust in that person again. She doesn’t take any excuses for carelessness and ignorance.


Strong Women Are Financially Stable

We’re career oriented and ambitious from the very young age. We know what we want to achieve in life and start planning for it. Though the family is our highest priority career is also one of the most important factors of our lives. We know how to balance both. Occupation is something that defines us, our identity and individuality. Thus we do our best to reach the financial stability to make sure our families’ needs are adequately met. A strong woman knows her strength very well.


Strong Women Seek to Respect Not Attention

Getting respect is much more important than to get attention from their loved ones. A strong woman would instead choose to get respected by her partner because she knows respect lasts longer than attention. We know our worth, we know our value, and we know what we deserve. Our values make us seek respect from others. We respect others to get respect in the same amount.

A strong woman knows that being strong is not an option but a necessity for her. She knows her value very well and one who doesn’t see it she walks out from them quickly. I have seen the worst of my life, and the best of my life and both of them have taught me how to handle myself to the lowest and the highest. I think what makes me strong is the power of a positive approach towards every situation. The positivity or the optimism makes a woman a strong and independent woman.